Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Christmas Card!!

We are known to have whimiscal Christmas cards that include our dogs every year. It is a definetly a challenge every year to create such creative Christmas cards with the dogs. It is very difficult to get a good picture of them all at the same time and no one to help us take the picture. It is all done between my husband and I....ha! and there is alot of frustration & laughter in the air when we do take the pictures, but it is so worth it. We try to have fun while doing it. We get such great compliments from friends and family on them. So it is worth the trouble!

This year we were trying to figure out a way to top last year's card. That one definetly creative! One of my favorites since we have been doing the cards. How could we top last years???? Well with the bump it is a little difficult to get the dogs all together with just Mike and I. So Mike had the great idea for us to take a picture of each individual dog laying on their back and then us laying on our back on the grass. Then I would use my photoshop magic and place each of us around in a circle.

Let me tell you photoshopping this project was not easy. Took me a while since I am not a pro at photoshop, but I think it turned out great! Minus Bentley's picture. I am a little disappointed that his lightining was off for him, but overall I think it turned out great! Of course we had to add a little something about our special delivery in Feb. :-)

Enjoy (bottom row: Bentley, Maverick & Lucy)!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fall Holidays!

Wow... where did the time go? I love the Fall because that means it is the Holiday season! I love the Holidays because there is always some type of gathering with family and friends. It is fun to see all the decor with each holiday. We haven't really participated in the decor for the different holidays like we have done in the past. We have been really busy with preparing for the baby.

First up Halloween...
This seems like it was AGES was our good friend Ricky's birthday and he had a little Halloween/Birthday Party at his place. I felt like I was pretty limited on what I could dress up as and be approriate. I didn't want to spend a whole lot of $$ on something that I would only wear once. So I decided to be a "Pregnant Soccer Mom." I wore Mike's middle band polo, create some photo buttons of Mike when He played soccer when he was younger & a visor. It was tough squeezing into those capris. They belly band really did save me from buying maternity capris. When I dressed up as this costume years back at work I did go a little all out then with props and brought in a little cooler with Capri Suns and brought snacks. This time I just didn't have the energy to do that.

Mike transformed to my celebrity crush, but it in a totally twisted way. He was Justin Timberlake's character on SNL that was in the video "D... in the Box." It was actually pretty funny. I went and bought him some cheap cheesy sunglasses, a gold gawdy chain and hoop earring. He wore one of his suits and a black t-shirt under. The prop that put it all together was the "D.... in the Box." We had an old Christmas gift box he took out and zipped tied them around his belt. He even went far enough to make a paper mache "junk." It was pretty disgusting, but I guess whatever you have to do to make the costume complete. Mike is an over achiever and really wanted to win this costume and he thought making this paper mache "junk" would win it all.

Here are some pics from the night...
Pregnant Soccer Mom and "D" in the Box
With the birthday boy/wrestler
Having too much fun with this box
Mike and the "OBGYN" aka Kelly
He did such a good job. Looked just like 
Justin Timberlake's character.
That is a mix of my mascara and stubble on his face. Too funny!
Winner of the costume contest....Mike! 
Prize...Strawberry Boone's & some Italian sausage!
This is the PG version of this photo. 
I needed to photoshop the "junk"

Now for Thanksgiving....
This was the first year since Mike and I have been a couple that he didn't go all out for Thanksgiving. Reason 1 we are watching less TV (Food Network) so he was not churning up creative ideas. Reason 2 he didn't feel like cooking...he was tired. LOL. So we decided to make just some desserts and an appetizer. I made by request spinach artichoke dip & puppy chow (chex mix with peanut butter chocolate & covered in powdered sugar). I also made some yummy oreo truffles....sooo good and rich! Mike made a delicious 3 layered carrot cake all from scratch. We took our goodies to my mother in laws and we had a delicious lunch/dinner. We played games and stayed until around 10. We had to get home to our furbabies and get ready for our camping trip the next day! The weather during the day was in the 80s then dropped to the 40s that evening. Talk about Texas weather having PMS!
The Martin 6.5 months preggo!
The yummy Thanksgiving Feast!!

With the Martin family we have always talked about going as a family somewhere. So I thought of the bright idea of going on a little camping trip up the day after Thanksgiving to Huntsville State Park, which is 45 minutes North of Houston. It is sounded like a great idea at the time until it went from the 80s down to the 30s. It was BRRRR rabbit cold!!! And we were camping with tents. They had sold out months prior that weekend at the park and the only thing available were tent sites only. We still had a great time in the freezing cold. We built a warm campfire and had lots of food, smores, hot dogs & etc. The kids and the guys try to fish, but the fish just wouldn't bite at the pier. It was a great time till we had to go to bed in the cold. We did good though and got through the night. We were told the next day it got to be 26 degrees. BRRRRRR. Next time we definitely need to take the camper and go when the weather is a little warmer. Maybe it will be a holiday tradition. :-) Minus the cold weather. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

DIY: Diaper Bassinet & Gift Basket

This is not my typical post on here, but since it was DIY and I am super proud of it. Here it is! This is a gift basket I was putting together for the shower we are throwing for my boss. I bought a pack of diapers with an idea just to bundle them all up and tie them in a cute bow. Then I saw some cute things online of diaper creations. So I decided to take a stab at it.

With alot of frustration at first on how to construct the top of the bassinet. With the help of Mike and his carpenter skills I was able to make it! Check it out! What do you think? My first diaper anything!

My inspiration....I wish I can make cute bows like this.

Okay here is my creation!!
I need to still add the wheels

I thought the bib add a cute touch to it. 
I am pretty excited how it turned out!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Celebrity Wedding: Chelsea Clinton & Mark Mezvinsky

From all the summer weddings this year. By far this was one my favorites. The main reason is because the beautiful transformation of Chelsea Clinton. We all remember her in the 90s as being the biggest fashionista. Well I have to say her wedding to Mark must have brought the class and elegance out of her. I wished there were more photos available to see the details of the actual reception, but I am pretty excited about her ceremony photos that came available.

I practically had tears in my eyes when I saw this photo of her and former President Clinton walking his little girl down the aisle. It never fails for me to cry at this part of the wedding 
and the Father daughter dance.
This is also when I fell in love with her GORGEOUS Vera Wang gown
It was just breathtaking! Fitting her body so well!
I love the elegant flow of the strapless silk organza dress. 
Not gawdy at all!! Done with a touch of class.

They look so happy....especially Chelsea! Such a great and genuine shot!

You notice simple jewelry on Chelsea! I love that. Just earrings and a bracelet....PERFECTION!
The bride just shined herself with out that extra bling. I really believe that going bare on a strapless dress is ideal and classic!
I love the detail in the embellished belt. Gorgeous! Just that little extra sparkle.
*All photos above can be found on

Friday, October 1, 2010

1st & Last Garage Sale!

So I had the "ingenious" idea to host a garage sale at our home. I really think it was my pregnant brain who thought this idea up because the normal me would have not even consider it.

What prompted this thought was....the room where we will have the nursery was full of Mike's grandmother's furniture. We were going to move it all out to a storage area in the back, but we knew once it got back there it would never been seen or get any use out of it. So the thought of a garage sale popped into my mind. It would help us from moving it to storage. So thought also was I had some stuff to sell from college and I also had asked the rest of the family if they had stuff to sell and they did. So why not a garage sale? It only made sense. ha ha! Some great idea at the time right? I kept telling myself it was to clear out the room, but boooooooooy I had no idea how much work went into putting a garage sale together and then working one.

Thank goodness my mother in law, sister in law and husband were there to help. I definitely could have not done this by myself pregnant or not! They all were Saviors when it was all said and done.

Our garage was packed to the gills with furniture, boxes and such. I even cleared most of it out the weekend before, but it was still full. We had a small little path so we can walk through and a lot of the times the dogs were trapped and couldn't walk out themselves. They are typically the best to maneuver their way around, but since it was so crowded it was very difficult for us all. We even had furniture in the house to take out, but we couldn't there was just not enough room for it all. I couldn't wait too get it all out it was overwhelming me.

Mike and the Martin nephews (Brayden & Camden) put up this HUGE tent on Friday night so we can put some stuff underneath the tent that evening since there wasn't any room in the garage. And we didn't know if it would rain that evening or the next morning. Plus it was a perfect place to have alot of the items for the sale since it was shaded. I am so glad that thing was up. It was perfect for what we wanted to accomplished.

We were ready for Saturday. I had put an ad in the Chronicle and made signs that Mike put out on the streets Friday. We started our day at 6 am for a 8 am garage sale. We pulled everything out of the garage up to the 8 am mark and we were still not done. We still needed to unpack the boxes. Slowly, but surely we were able to do that within the next couple of hours.

Once we opened our gate it was game on. Our yard was flooded with people. I think the most at one time we had about 45 people there. I think in total the number of people that came through our garage sale was at least 200 people. 

My mother in law was definitely working it. She had her fanny pack and was wheeling and dealing the hot September heat. She was AWESOME!!

This was around the middle the afternoon. 
A lot of the larger items had been sold at this point, but still had a ton of stuff left!

The Martin kids and Jada had a lemonade stand. So cute!! Wished they made some more, but I had fun with them there. So did our furbabies.

This is Avery standing in front of their lemonade stand set up (.50 cents for each cup).

We wrapped up around 2ish. Loaded whatever was left in our trucks and donated them. This would be my 1st and LAST garage sale. The amount of work & time does not equal the amount of $$ you make out of it. So not worth it. But like I said it was our main goal to just clear out the room that would be the nursery so that was done and this amount is just PRICELESS. We can now start on our nursery!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Our DIY home renovation plans!

I probably should be posting this on my pregnancy blog, but I am have been really obsessed with renovating everything not just the baby's room. So I thought it was appropriate to put on here. :-p

We plan on redoing our floors in the main part of our home (kitchen, living room, main hallway) in preparation of our little rugrat. We are pulling linoleum, tile, & carpet! Almost everything is pulled up except the rubber tiles. Mike will be doing that since we have to melt the tile up and not scraping it up because of the chance of asbestos in the tile. We plan on staining the concrete! I fell in love with this look when I saw it at one of my good girlfriend's great room. It was amazing! I couldn't believe that the floor was concrete it was just gorgeous. Below is a pic of it from my bridal shower. You can barely see it, but you can tell it was top notch awesomeness! It looks waaaay better in person. Ever since I saw it I always noticed it more in other places. Many upscale restaurants do this and looks awesome! Very clean and chic.

We decided to stain the concrete for several reasons. (1) It looks great (2) very durable (3) easy to maintain (4) the most important one of all...very expensive to do. It will probably cost us to cover 800 sq.ft less than $200. Which is incredible considering how much area we are covering. Of course the stain  turns out differently in different areas depending on the stain takes to that part of the concrete because of the age of the concrete or what it has been exposed too.

This is the color stain we really liked....Tuscan Stone. We are going to get the Behr Concrete Dye Kit from Home Depot. Includes base color, accent color, wet look sealer, cleaner/etcher, & sprayer for $89! Can't beat that!

 Photo from:

Photo from:

These aren't the professional pictures that I got in a little booklet from home depot, but you can get the point of awesome it will look! I can't wait till we start.

Any new renovation things going on in your home?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Boo...I am terrible

The last time I made a post on my regular blog was a month ago when I announced we were preggo! I know....Iam sooooo terrible. I have been keeping up more with my pregnancy blog since I am trying to turn that into a pregnancy journal book after the baby is born. I just have some major blog "block" on what to post here. What do I blog about???? I don't want to blog about baby stuff since I have a separate blog about that. I will figure something out this weekend. I think my creative juices will be coming in once I have a good nights rest. :-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Yes, we are going to have....

A baby! Baby Martin estimate arrival is February 23, 2011! We are sooo excited about our new little addition! Most of our family and really close friends new about our exciting news! However, we annouced it on facebook last week after our 12 week check up. So I guess if it's on FB that means it is official now! LOL. Gotta love social networking.

Since we found out about our pregnancy I have been keeping up a separate blog just about the pregnancy...sort of like a pregnancy journal, but documenting it all online. It just seemed so much easier then writing all the stuff down. After the baby arrives (when I have time...I know baby will keep me busy) I am going to transfer that blog into a pregnancy journal book for the baby. I would like to do this for each pregnancy if I can!

Below is the link to that blog if anyone is interested in my pregnancy journey (it's not that interesting, but it has some pics. hehe)

New Blog: "10 Little Toes"

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our 1 year Anniversary Weekend!

So all the plans that I had for our 1 year anniversary did not go as I planned, but it still ended up being a great weekend. Better than I ever planned or expected!

Originally I didn't know if Mike had anything planned for our big 1 year! I am so naive....of course he does. He always does! He is so thoughtful for special occasions and goes well and beyond then he needs too! Anyways....I had plans to get a couple's massage on Saturday and then Sunday at Mark's. This restaurant was voted the most romantic places to dine in Houston. It use to be a church converted into a restaurant. So I thought it would be fun to experience a new place. I also had our baker recreate a smaller version of Mike's groom's cake. He had talked about it soo much since the wedding I had to get it made again.

Like I said things didn't go as planned. Our appointment for the massages was at 2. Mike had gone to get a hair cut in the morning and when he came home I found a big box with a red bow for me. I opened the card and it said, "Would you join me for dinner. Where the scene of the crime began? Check Yes or No."  I reluctantly said yes then proceed to ask if we going to Christophers in College Station. He said yes and to start packing. I was so surprised and I asked if were staying there and he said, "Yes, on Southwest Parkway" (the street where we met). I was shocked I asked about the dogs who was going to take care of them. He said he had it all taken care of. Their Aunt Becca was going to come over to let them out that evening and in the morning. (Side Note: Christophers is where we had our first nice date as a couple.)

I then opened the box after asking a million and one questions. In the box were 2 beautiful dresses for me to wear that evening. He did soooo good. They were gorgeous and fit just right! I was so excited! I loved going back to College Station. So many great memories there!

We leave to go to the couples massage. Things were taking a while. And I ended up having to cancel my massage because the prenatal therapists was nervous to give me a massage even though the owner said it would be okay at 11-1/2 weeks. Typically they do it at 12, but I was so close it would be fine. However, therapist didn't want to touch me until I was 13. They said I could still proceed, but I didn't want too if the therapist was nervous. How was I suppose to enjoy my massage. So I just cancelled and Mike had one by himself. So much for a romantic couples massage.

We then head to good ole College Station....did I mention how much I LOVE that city! So clean, people are sooo nice, pretty, etc! We got there around 5 ish took a quick nap then got ready for our dinner at Christophers. The dinner was just as I remembered it 5 years go, but better! It was so great enjoying that time together. In such a beautiful setting and reminiscing of the great times we had together in College Station. After our excellent meal we drove around the whole city going down memory lane. Where we had both lived. Some of our favorite places to eat. It was great! All I know is that College Station is growing like crazy! So great for that city!

The next day we went Messina Hof winery and took a tour. We have both never been there. It was really a neat learning experience about the vineyard and about wine. Too bad I couldn't drink, but that's okay. I learned a whole lot. After the tour we had lunch at their restaurant. Mike said it was awesome! I didn't have much because my stomach was upset from the fermentation room from the tour.

When went to the mall so I can find some Aggie baby stuff. Since we are so limited here in Houston. I found the cutest little newborn beanie, "Born to be an Aggie." I can't wait to use that for the newborn pictures! There was so much more we can buy, but I had to hold back. I will be be back in the great CS again and get some more then!

 Us at Christophers (1 year wedding anniversary!) 
where we had our 1st date 5 years prior!
This dessert was so oozed of chocolate.
Where we stayed for the evening on "Southwest Pkwy"
 Our lunch at Messina Hof. Just beautiful!

Our view during lunch part of the vineyard at Messina Hof.
Mike enjoying the "G" wine he learned about out on our tour.

Our cake a year later. Just as good. Yum!
I looked alot better during this pose the year before. 
Groom's cake semi-recreated. Still sooo good!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wow...It's been a year!

I am one day late posting this just because we had sooo much fun this weekend on our 1 year anniversary!!!

A year ago (yesterday) I married the most extraordinary man that I have ever met. I never thought the day would come that would married this man. I was lucky enough to have my fairy tale come true meeting the man I have always wanted to marry since I was a little girl. I can not believe it has been a year since we have been married. A lot has happened this past year as a married couple and it has been a great journey so far. A lot of people ask me all the time if it feels any different from when we were just dating. I can honestly say yes! It is alot more fun sharing your life with someone you know that is in it all the way with you when in comes to this journey we call life. Mike and I honestly can say have a great time together!

I can't wait to celebrate many more years with my love.

Below are some of my favorite pictures from our BIG DAY!

He is just so handsome! He wore the cufflinks I had given him years ago!

Our First Look! Best thing to do!