Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Stone's 2nd Birthday: Puppy Dogs!

Looks like only blog when there is a birthday or Christmas card that I created. One day when I have more time (I wish) I can blog about more than my kid's parties. One can only dream. :)

For Stone's 2nd Birthday. I decided to keep really low key since we were doing it up pretty big for Mike's 40th birthday. Plus on Jett's 2nd birthday I kept it pretty low key because I was pregnant with Stone and in a lot of pain because of the 2 shots of day I was receiving for the pregnancy.  So kept it minimal (well minimal for me) with just inviting family over. It was perfect. Stone loved every moment.

Picking the theme....I always pick the theme of what my child is really into at that time. For Jett it was tractor for his 2nd birthday. For Stone he is and was OBSESSED with puppy dogs. During his physical therapy we used quite often the dogs to motivate him to walk towards them (they were in the yard, he could see them through the window). Anytime he was hurt or in any pain we would show him videos of the dogs and he would calm down immediately. The dogs were therapy for him.

For his invitation I was inspired by a invitation that I saw on Etsy. I changed it up a little and made the puppy dog to look like one of our sweet dog's, Lucy. Before I sent out the invitations I showed Stone his invitation and he snatched it out of my hand and immediately hug and kissed all over it. He was swooning. I knew this was the perfect party for him.

Made my trial run balloon arch for Mike upcoming birthday for Stone's. Man....it sure takes up alot of balloons to make this. Thank goodness Jett helped me with it.

Cake by the extremely talented Sweet D.Lights

Cookies by Cake by  Sweet D.Lights

Cupcakes by Sweet D.Lights and cupcake toppers by me. 

Puppy Chow! Didn't make the classic peanut butter and chocolate flavors because Stone wasn't technically 2 at the party. So I made "birthday cake" flavor. It was yummy!

My "birth"day flowers from the boys. Gorgeous!

We had hot dogs and snacks for lunch. Simple, but just right!

Stone was excited to celebrate his day with his cousins.

He wasn't too sure about the candles and all the singing, but grew to love it.

Love my fam jam of 4.

Made us proud.

Aw...my life and my joy. 

Happiest 2 year old I know. 


For Stone's actual birthday the night prior I put all the balloons from the balloon arch from his birthday party (weekend prior) and filled his room. I typically put a few balloons for their birthdays and decorate with streamers, but since I had the balloons from the party what the heck. Fill the whole room! It was awesome.

Playing the balloons. They had a blast that morning.

His cake on his actual birthday. :)

A little impossible. To get a decent picture of the 4 of us, but it is perfect.

Loved the birthday cake!

Happy 2nd Birthday! To our sweet sweet fighter. He's had to overcome some challenges since the day he was born, but this kid was meant to be here. This kid loves life and we LOVE him!! So proud of you Stone!