Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Christmas Card!!

We are known to have whimiscal Christmas cards that include our dogs every year. It is a definetly a challenge every year to create such creative Christmas cards with the dogs. It is very difficult to get a good picture of them all at the same time and no one to help us take the picture. It is all done between my husband and I....ha! and there is alot of frustration & laughter in the air when we do take the pictures, but it is so worth it. We try to have fun while doing it. We get such great compliments from friends and family on them. So it is worth the trouble!

This year we were trying to figure out a way to top last year's card. That one definetly creative! One of my favorites since we have been doing the cards. How could we top last years???? Well with the bump it is a little difficult to get the dogs all together with just Mike and I. So Mike had the great idea for us to take a picture of each individual dog laying on their back and then us laying on our back on the grass. Then I would use my photoshop magic and place each of us around in a circle.

Let me tell you photoshopping this project was not easy. Took me a while since I am not a pro at photoshop, but I think it turned out great! Minus Bentley's picture. I am a little disappointed that his lightining was off for him, but overall I think it turned out great! Of course we had to add a little something about our special delivery in Feb. :-)

Enjoy (bottom row: Bentley, Maverick & Lucy)!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fall Holidays!

Wow... where did the time go? I love the Fall because that means it is the Holiday season! I love the Holidays because there is always some type of gathering with family and friends. It is fun to see all the decor with each holiday. We haven't really participated in the decor for the different holidays like we have done in the past. We have been really busy with preparing for the baby.

First up Halloween...
This seems like it was AGES was our good friend Ricky's birthday and he had a little Halloween/Birthday Party at his place. I felt like I was pretty limited on what I could dress up as and be approriate. I didn't want to spend a whole lot of $$ on something that I would only wear once. So I decided to be a "Pregnant Soccer Mom." I wore Mike's middle band polo, create some photo buttons of Mike when He played soccer when he was younger & a visor. It was tough squeezing into those capris. They belly band really did save me from buying maternity capris. When I dressed up as this costume years back at work I did go a little all out then with props and brought in a little cooler with Capri Suns and brought snacks. This time I just didn't have the energy to do that.

Mike transformed to my celebrity crush, but it in a totally twisted way. He was Justin Timberlake's character on SNL that was in the video "D... in the Box." It was actually pretty funny. I went and bought him some cheap cheesy sunglasses, a gold gawdy chain and hoop earring. He wore one of his suits and a black t-shirt under. The prop that put it all together was the "D.... in the Box." We had an old Christmas gift box he took out and zipped tied them around his belt. He even went far enough to make a paper mache "junk." It was pretty disgusting, but I guess whatever you have to do to make the costume complete. Mike is an over achiever and really wanted to win this costume and he thought making this paper mache "junk" would win it all.

Here are some pics from the night...
Pregnant Soccer Mom and "D" in the Box
With the birthday boy/wrestler
Having too much fun with this box
Mike and the "OBGYN" aka Kelly
He did such a good job. Looked just like 
Justin Timberlake's character.
That is a mix of my mascara and stubble on his face. Too funny!
Winner of the costume contest....Mike! 
Prize...Strawberry Boone's & some Italian sausage!
This is the PG version of this photo. 
I needed to photoshop the "junk"

Now for Thanksgiving....
This was the first year since Mike and I have been a couple that he didn't go all out for Thanksgiving. Reason 1 we are watching less TV (Food Network) so he was not churning up creative ideas. Reason 2 he didn't feel like cooking...he was tired. LOL. So we decided to make just some desserts and an appetizer. I made by request spinach artichoke dip & puppy chow (chex mix with peanut butter chocolate & covered in powdered sugar). I also made some yummy oreo truffles....sooo good and rich! Mike made a delicious 3 layered carrot cake all from scratch. We took our goodies to my mother in laws and we had a delicious lunch/dinner. We played games and stayed until around 10. We had to get home to our furbabies and get ready for our camping trip the next day! The weather during the day was in the 80s then dropped to the 40s that evening. Talk about Texas weather having PMS!
The Martin 6.5 months preggo!
The yummy Thanksgiving Feast!!

With the Martin family we have always talked about going as a family somewhere. So I thought of the bright idea of going on a little camping trip up the day after Thanksgiving to Huntsville State Park, which is 45 minutes North of Houston. It is sounded like a great idea at the time until it went from the 80s down to the 30s. It was BRRRR rabbit cold!!! And we were camping with tents. They had sold out months prior that weekend at the park and the only thing available were tent sites only. We still had a great time in the freezing cold. We built a warm campfire and had lots of food, smores, hot dogs & etc. The kids and the guys try to fish, but the fish just wouldn't bite at the pier. It was a great time till we had to go to bed in the cold. We did good though and got through the night. We were told the next day it got to be 26 degrees. BRRRRRR. Next time we definitely need to take the camper and go when the weather is a little warmer. Maybe it will be a holiday tradition. :-) Minus the cold weather.