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The Big Day Dress Shots!

I have always been a huge fan of wedding photography. I constantly look through fun. One of my favorite photo ops is the famous shot THE dress before the bride slips it on. Here are some of mine, but I have seen some incredible ones. Here are some of my favorites I have seen!

Montage Photographers  
Ashley Rose Photography  
Studio 563

Brandon Kidd Photography
I love the way the light captures this dress!
Adam Nyholt 

What's It Going To Bee?" Baby Shower/Gender Reveal!

We had our baby shower a couple weekends ago and I had posted about it on my pregnancy blog, but I wanted to post it on here as well!

The shower was MARVELOUS!!! I could have never ever dreamed of anything better! It was just PERFECT!! My hostesses: Becca, Misti, Wendy & Kim did an incredible job. Every little detail they put in came all together beautifully!
Now for the back story on why we went with a bee theme and doing the gender reveal (original post about finding out what we were having). At 14 weeks I had to go in and get a detailed ultra sound. When we were there the ultrasound knew right away the gender of our baby. Mike and I at that point (well really Mike) were not going to find out the gender of the baby. So when the tech asked us Mike immediately yelled NO and I blurted YES! Mike was not a happy camper. I was begging him for us to find out. He kept saying no no no. So the tech did not tell us in the room or printed a ultrasound anywhere near where you can tell what t…

2010: A Year to Remember

2010 has come and gone so quickly!! I feel like so much has happened with our lives in just a short period of time. Here are some of the events that I will remember most from 2010.

2010 Memories.... 1.We bought a Truck! We traded in Mike's VW Passat for a 2008 Toyota Tundra! We love it!

2.  Diagnosed with PCOS after 6 months of trying in March. We were relieved to know what was going on with me and that there was a solution. We took charge!

 3. Mike got ride in his 1st MS150. So proud of him!
4. DIY Master Bedroom Makeover!

5. OMG We are Pregnant!!

6. 1 Year Anniversairy of Wedded Bliss!
 2011 will bring lots of excited, change and joy into our lives. Can't wait for it!!