Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Christmas Card!!

We are known to have whimiscal Christmas cards that include our dogs every year. It is a definetly a challenge every year to create such creative Christmas cards with the dogs. It is very difficult to get a good picture of them all at the same time and no one to help us take the picture. It is all done between my husband and I....ha! and there is alot of frustration & laughter in the air when we do take the pictures, but it is so worth it. We try to have fun while doing it. We get such great compliments from friends and family on them. So it is worth the trouble!

This year we were trying to figure out a way to top last year's card. That one definetly creative! One of my favorites since we have been doing the cards. How could we top last years???? Well with the bump it is a little difficult to get the dogs all together with just Mike and I. So Mike had the great idea for us to take a picture of each individual dog laying on their back and then us laying on our back on the grass. Then I would use my photoshop magic and place each of us around in a circle.

Let me tell you photoshopping this project was not easy. Took me a while since I am not a pro at photoshop, but I think it turned out great! Minus Bentley's picture. I am a little disappointed that his lightining was off for him, but overall I think it turned out great! Of course we had to add a little something about our special delivery in Feb. :-)

Enjoy (bottom row: Bentley, Maverick & Lucy)!!!


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