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Jett's 4th Super Hero Birthday Party!

This post is well overdue. I say that just about every post now.  Jett's Birthday party was in February!! Life has been really crazy and I haven't been able to blog like I have wanted too. I really want to make it a weekly thing, but being a mom of little boys, wife, having a full time job and commuting to work daily... I am WOOORN out by the time I get home. I just want to get in my PJs and call it a night.

Any who... For months Jett (since the day after this 3rd birthday) had been talking about wanting a SUPER HERO birthday party. Since Jett loved bounce houses so much. We I decided to have it a local indoor bounce venue, which had tons of bouncies for the kids to get on. Of course the planner in me wanted some details along with it.

I was really excited about the planning of Jett's 4th Birthday Party because #1 we didn't have the party at our house and #2 there is so much you can do with a  Super Hero party. I really thought not having the party at our house would …