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Gender Reveal (Martin #2): Let's do it with Paint!

For our gender reveal for baby #2 I wanted to do something a little different of when we revealed Jett's gender at my shower. I had seen a lot of people do balloons, which I think is super cute. I could picture it now Jett chasing after pink or blue balloons. I was going to that, but I wanted something we could keep for a long while. And balloons just deflate :(.

I saw a picture on pinterest (of course) of a couple having a paint fight with the color of the gender for their gender reveal. I thought that was such a super cute idea! How fun is that!?!I thought long and hard how we could use this idea. Then it hit me! We would put the colored paint on a canvas. Less messy & would keep the memory alive like I wanted too. We could even put a phrase or word so it just wasn't a plain pink or blue canvas.

So then my next task was do think of a phrase that I could tape off on the canvas to really capture the moment. We thought of different things, but the one we went with wa…