Monday, March 24, 2014

Jett's Vintage Train 3rd Birthday Party!

I was really excited about planning Jett's party because we would throw the party at our new home. So many possibilities!! I always try to brainstorm ideas months prior to the party so I can slowly come up with stuff and create them. I started to think of things that Jett was really into at this part of his life.

He loves planes, but we did that for his 1st birthday. He loves tractor, we did that for his 2nd party. Now at almost 3 he loved trains and Superman! So I asked Jett in November, "Jett do you want a choo-choo train party or Superman?" and Jett yells, "CHOO CHOO TRAIN!!" PERFECT!!

I was now thinking of things to do and how to decorate for this party. Of course everything has to start with the invitation. I created the invitation myself. I went with a old style boarding pass. 

You can now purchase this invitation, but personalized
 at my Etsy store!

I printed these in cardstock and then stuffed them in kraft paper envelope that I purchased at Hobby Lobby at 40% off. I love those envelopes. I can use them for any occasion!

We were about a month away from Jett's party. I was telling him how excited I was for his Choo Choo party. This was the first party we were inviting all his friend's from daycare. He was thrilled! He then started to tell me he was going to have a SUPERMAN birthday!! Ugh oh....he is really going to be disappointed when he sees all the train stuff. I had to think about how to break the news to him that we were not having a Superman party. I told him and he was not happy. Then I thought I was going to rent a bouncy house anyways so I decided the bouncy could be superman. Problem solved!

Alot of things I used I found them on pinterest, but adapted them to Jett's party. Below are some pictures of the party and decor.

I always decorate Jett's room in the middle of the night for his birthday. 

I think he liked it. 

My husband made the crossing arms.  They were a HUGE hit! He made two. We put one here at the front door and the other at the front of the driveway. People thought the trackless train company brought them over because they looked so good.

Jett loved the railroad track on the driveway. Made with LOTS of duct tape.

Didn't want the duct tape on our wood floors. So I put kraft paper down to protect the floors. I held the kraft paper down with painters tape.

The dessert table.

Cupcakes by Sweet D.Lite. Cupcake toppers, me.
Cake by Sweet D.Lite

Party Favors! Chocolate trains with whistles.

Awesome Cookies by Sweet D.Lite
Kept the food simple. Just order sub trays. Chips & fruit. 

Through a neighbor I heard about this awesome trackless train that comes to your event. This was a HUGE hit for the kids. It was really worth seeing the kids face when they saw the train. They loved it. Especially Jett, he still asks me to bring the train back

My conductor. He had a blast.

Also, got a Superman bouncy since we only had the train for a hour. And fulfilled Mr. Birthday Pants need for Superman at his party. It was a success.

My excited birthday boy.

Jett's little brother, Stone. All ready for the festivities!

Can't believe our little boy is 3!

People ask me how I do I plan for a party like this. My answer is I plan ahead. It starts with an idea and goes from there. People always think I spend a ton of $$ on my parties. I really don't. I do alot of DIY and I pay attention to the details. Paper doesn't cost a whole lot and can go a long ways and make a party seem so much fancier. I am also all about baked goods. I am not good in that department. I found Sweet D.Lite and she is incredible. I already booked her for Stone's birthday. 

I love planning parties like this. It is all worth the time and energy too see how excited my boys get. We shall see what Stone will have for his 1st birthday in August. Stay tuned!


  • All baked goods (cookies, chocolate train, smash cake, cupcakes)- Sweet D.Light
  • All paper goods (invitation, bunting flags, directional sign, cupcake toppers, other birthday labels, etc.)- LuckyElevenDesign (Me)
  • Train Whistles & Conductors Hat-
  • Jett's Train t-shirt- Etsy Seller