Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 Christmas Card

We've been sending out Christmas cards as a couple for a while now. Each year we try to be creative with them (past Christmas cards: 2009, 2010). Each year it gets harder and harder. We either add another dog or a kid. It's hard to get the dogs wrangled up and to look at the camera. It's even harder with kids! This year I tried to take some pictures of some inspiration I saw on pinterest. Here are some photos I took.

The card that I got through Love them!

This year we've been extremely blessed with our new home, the birth of our second son, and a new great job. More importantly we are blessed to have each other. Merry Christmas everyone!! God Bless!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Toddler Fall Artwork: Tree hand and finger leaves

Found this craft off of pinterest. I had J paint the background color with a sponge brush.  Wanted it to look like a sunset. The green grass at the bottom was an accident. Mommy put the wrong paint color. It all worked out though :). We let it dry for the night.

The original craft instructed to trace the child's arm and hand. Then paint the hand yourself. And have your little one use their little finger prints as leaves. Tracing???? What fun is that??? I globbed on brown paint on J's arm and hand. He LOVED doing this. We made the print then let it dry overnight. The next day we used different color oranges, yellows, and a pale green for the leaves. I had J use his pointer fingers and just poke at the canvas like he was typing. I really really wanted to see the individual finger prints, but that is just not going to happen with an independent 2 year old.

Have fun doing this. I know we did. :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY: Deco Mesh Halloween Wreath

I was very anxious to make my first wreath for our new house. I wanted it to be great.  I have made a couple deco mesh wreaths in the past, but nothing that I was super excited about. I am always nervous about putting something like this together because I feel like the things I pick out for the wreath just don't match. When I went to the store I was very overwhelmed because there is SO much stuff. You can easily spend alot of $$ make a wreath. You've got to be careful of that.

I got most of my supplies from Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately they were not having a sale on any of the Halloween items. I just got a couple of things that were Halloween related. I was pretty bummed that none of the Halloween stuff was not on sale. I did get the ribbons  (50% off) & work wreath (got it on the Christmas aisle 40% off) on sale.

I happened to be in Walmart getting some things for my mom. I just browsed in the Halloween section and found the "Boo" piece for $1.97. Thought it would work perfectly for me.

There is a store in Houston off the Beltway called Arcadia. This place is UNBELIEVABLE. It's like Christmas has thrown up in there. They have all sorts floral decor, Christmas decor, ribbons, picks, etc. It is awesome. There I found THE perfect pieces to spice up my wreath. The spider web and the spider pick. They were reasonable priced too. I will go back there for my Christmas stuff.

Arcadia. My Christmas Heaven.

Hobby Lobby:

  • Orange Metallic Deco Mesh big roll-$9.99 (not on sale, blah!)
  • Black & Silver Metallic Deco Mesh-on sale for $3.49 (3 inch roll I think...ribbon aisle)
  • Burlap Chevron ribbon-on sale $2.99
  • Gold Work Wreath- on sale $4.19
  • Eek Bottle caps- $3.99
  • Witch Hat- $2.99
  • BOO letters- $1.97 (this had a glitter pumpkin attached to it, but I removed it)
  • Spider web- $5.99
  • Spider pick-$5.99

What I had at home

  • Glue gun
About $40 to make this wreath. I still have the deco mesh and ribbon left so I can use for future projects (what a way to tell myself I saved $$ make this myself rather than buying it..."Oh, but I still have ribbon left." ha!)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stone's Orange and Gray Vintage Bicycle Nursery

When we found out we were going to have our 2nd child I knew I wanted to go with a gender neutral room color scheme like big brother. I didn't want to go with the same color of yellow and gray (even though those are my FAVORITE colors). I wanted something that was just for baby #2. So I decided I will go with Gray and Orange instead. Then when we found out Baby #2 was going to be a boy I decided to go ahead an incorporate my husband's passion of cycling into the room and do a vintage bicycle themed room.

We were building our home for most of my pregnancy. We finally did move in when I was 6 months pregnant.  I shared my vision of the orange and gray vintage bicycle theme with my husband. I told him some things I thought would be cool to put in there. Because we were both working full time, moving and chasing a 2 year old toddler. And oh being full blown pregnant in the blazing summer heat. We really didn't get to work on the nursery like we did with our oldest son. We had sooo much going on this summer. The nursery was just part of my imagination. We really thought we had a lot of time to work on this nursery since the baby was due in September. The main thing we needed done was painting the room and getting the bedding done. Oh and finding some bicycle type decor.

Well...Baby #2 decided to come into this world at 35 weeks (5 weeks EARLY!). We literally had NOTHING done. All I had was the fabric for the bedding and the furniture that big brother was using. The room wasn't painted. I didn't have a single piece of bicycle decor. It was still a blank slate.

What I didn't know was while I was resting in the hospital my husband was running all over getting stuff for the nursery. Trying to create my dream nursery for Stone. He literally put it all together in one night with the help of some family.

When Stone and I came home from the hospital this is what we came home too..... AWESOMENESS!!

My husband got the pallet for free from the paint store that he purchased the paint for the room. My husband took the pallet apart and put it back together staggered. Then painted the bicycle and added the letters from Hobby Lobby.

The drapes were purchased from Marshall Homegoods, but the length was not long enough. I had my mother in law add some fabric that we were using for the crib bedding. Love the drapes so full with body.

Husband's old bicycle he took apart and made the mobile out of the wheel and gears. He painted the gears to compliment the room's color scheme. The bike that started peaked his interest for cycling.

Bicycle basket that will be used to store books.
The drawing on the top our the gears from the mobile. Mike used Jett's crayons & a pencil as his tools of choice to create this look.

Bike Pedal and reflector are part of Mike's old bike. We use the reflector to hang towels on and the pedal for a diaper hanger. The dresser was my old dresser that Mike refinished for our oldest son's nursery. You can see the before and after here.

Closer look of the pedal. My mother in law created the diaper hanger. She is very talented!

Mother in law created the bed skirt as well. Bumper pads will be coming later. Using the same fabric used for the diaper hanger.

Rocking chair that is from the early 1900's that was in my family. Blanket was made for Stone by his Grammy (mother in law).

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Let's Break the Ice: Summer Toddler Activity

It has been unbearably hot in Texas this summer. It's been in the triple digits and the high 90's most of August and now September. I  really don't like having Jett being cooped up in the house. He just gets so bored inside the house. You can only color, paint & play with your toys so much.

I wanted to find a fun activity for my busy minded two year old that would keep us cool outside. I then found this on pinterest and saw another mama on FB doing this with her little one. It was just what we needed!

I grabbed the largest tupperware container I had. Took the legos bag & the cheap plastic magnets. I then had Jett throw into the container a variety of those toys. We then just filled it up with water. Then stuck in the freezer overnight.

The next day I had Jett bring is play tools out. .We went outside I took the block of ice out of the container and he started to chisel and bang away. It didn't take long for the ice to start to melt, which made it easier for Jett to get the toys out. This activity lasted us a good 30 minutes or so. He had a blast and wanted to do it again. Definitely a hit for my 2.5 year old.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

2013 Mother's Day....DIY photo gift

2013 Mother's Day was extra special this year with what my guys did for me. While I wasn't home Mike got out our camera, tripod, remote for the camera and started to take some beautiful DIY shots. His inspiration was "Jett's Day." From getting ready, napping, & going out. It just captured so many great moments of our little guy.

I love the sentimental gifts that kids make their parents. It is worth millions to me. So when I received my mother's day gift from my guys I heart just fluttered with excitement.

Here are the pics from the mini DIY session .....

My all time favorite!!!! Father & son shaving moment! When I saw this picture I was in tears. It is just so special.

Mike wanted to put all these great photos in a frame. He had J paint the matte so it was more personable. 

The end result a DIY photo session with a toddler painted matte for Mother's Day. Something I will have and to cherish forever.

Not the best photo quality (camera phone). My gift was perfect!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gender Reveal (Martin #2): Let's do it with Paint!

For our gender reveal for baby #2 I wanted to do something a little different of when we revealed Jett's gender at my shower. I had seen a lot of people do balloons, which I think is super cute. I could picture it now Jett chasing after pink or blue balloons. I was going to that, but I wanted something we could keep for a long while. And balloons just deflate :(.

I saw a picture on pinterest (of course) of a couple having a paint fight with the color of the gender for their gender reveal. I thought that was such a super cute idea! How fun is that!?!I thought long and hard how we could use this idea. Then it hit me! We would put the colored paint on a canvas. Less messy & would keep the memory alive like I wanted too. We could even put a phrase or word so it just wasn't a plain pink or blue canvas.

So then my next task was do think of a phrase that I could tape off on the canvas to really capture the moment. We thought of different things, but the one we went with was.... "God Bless The Baby."

This is part of a prayer we have been doing every night with Jett since we found out we were pregnant. We thought this was very appropriate for this pregnancy.

I purchased all my supplies at Hobby Lobby.
  • 16x20 canvas
  • 1 Pink Acrylic Paint
  • 1 Blue Acrylic Paint
  • 2 sets Large Letter Stickers
  • Duct Tape
  • Double sided tape
I first wrapped the outside of the paint tube with colored duct tape (Jett chose red). I wrapped anywhere that we can see the paint color from the tube. I tried to wrap both tubes the same so I wouldn't know which was what when we got it in our hands.

Then I got the large letter stickers and placed them accordingly on the canvas. When I put the first letter on. I found the letter were not sticking on the canvas. So I found my double sided tape I use for scrap booking and used that on each of the letters. It worked perfectly!

The next day was Easter. I had my sister law take the paint & the envelope that had the ultrasound to reveal the gender. Told her to turn her back to us and choose the paint. She would be able to know what it is by slightly squeezing it. I asked her to hand it to Jett and he would squirt it.

Here is how the reveal unfolded......
What will baby #2 be?
Waiting patiently...
BLUE! It's a BOY!

He is super stoked to have a little brother!

Mike added some color to it after everything dried. It looks great! Well I think so. :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Get Geared Up for Jett's 2nd Birthday! Tractor Party!

For Jett's 2nd birthday. I wanted it to be a little bit more low key compared to his 1st birthday party. I still wanted some type of theme. Because I just love planning things like this where I can DIY.

Jett is really into airplanes now....wished I did the airplane party this year rather than last year. But didn't want to do something twice in a row. Maybe another year. Soooo the next best thing. Tractors!!! At our home we have a big John Deere tractor. Every time Jett sees it he yells, "TRACTAAA!" So tractor theme party it was. Another reason for this theme was around Christmas time we also decided to get Jet the Peg Pegero tractor as a birthday gift so it fit right in with the theme. I think it is interesting where your inspiration comes from for a birthday party theme. Last year it was his name. This year a gift/obsession with tractors.

So how did I make it more low key??

1. I invited half as many people. The year before our invited list had over 50 people. This year I only invited about 20 people.

2. Took place at our home. I feel like you get a more laid back atmosphere when it takes place at the home.

3. Less food.....sort of. I did less pastries let's just say.

4. Not a ton of activities. The year before I had a lot of things for the kids to do, but this year I just wanted everyone just to eat and hang out. I did have one activity ready just encase the kids got bored. We didn't need it. Everyone had a good time being with each other.

This birthday was really special. Jett kind of understood it was his birthday more this year. So opening gifts and seeing his expression was so much fun. He really is the best gift receiver. Every gift he gets it is a "Oh WOW!" moment. Also, this was the 1st and last birthday party we will have for Jett here. We will be moving to our new home in May to make new memories. Very bittersweet. My baby is growing up! Tear.

I still DIYed most of the things for his birthday minus the cake, cookies, & sandwiches. I didn't go all out this time, but it was enough to give it the custom look I wanted to achieve.

You can purchase this invitation, but personalized for you from my ETSY shop!! Click HERE!
Early morning on Jett's birthday. He woke up to a room full of streamers.
He had a blast breaking through this streamer door!
Please excuse the unfinished kitchen. ;)

Cupcakes by Timtations. Cupcake toppers by your very own blogger!

Smash cake by Timtations.

Cookies Timtations.

Party favors. Of gummy worms & chocolate chips. 

My little guy excited too see the big tractor!

Wants to blow out his candle as soon as it was lit. 

Unveiling his big gift!

And birthday flowers to me. For having our precious blessing 2 years ago. From the men in my life.