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Monday Etsy Find: Ring Bowls

Ring bowls are becoming very popular replacing the traditional ring bearer pillow. I had my two ringer bearers carry a bowl each. One bowl said "I DO" and the other "ME TOO" with our wedding date 08.08.09.

I hate to say this because I love the idea of the ring bowls, but I think my ring bowls were poorly made because when I received them in the mail one was cracked on the back. I had the seller send me a new one of the one that cracked again. Then right before ceremony the other bowl cracked on the back. I was so upset. The seller might be better now on the quality, but I wouldn't use this seller again.

I love love the concept of the ring bowls. Because you can actually keep and use it. Unlike the ring pillow. Really...what are you going to do with that? A little nap pillow, a foot rest, baby pillow?? No clue. Just one more thing you throw away after the wedding. At least with the bowl you can use it to put your rings on when you are not wearing them or use the…

Our DIY Bedroom Makeover

My husband and I live in an older home (like 45 years old), which use to be his grandmother's. Back when it was built in the 50's it was built with the best materials of it's time. The house had the most modern features and upgrades and the great decade could offer like: pocket doors, push button switches, 3 socket plugs, birch wood paneling, open floor plan, etc. The house is in great shape for being the age that it is, but she definitely needs a little face lift and touch of some modern flare.

We started a few years ago to pull up the carpet in the living room & the main hallway. The carpet was at least 30 years old and needed to be taken up. Recently Mike read an article in a magazine (I think Men's Health) about all the bacteria and germs that live in your carpet. He was so disgusted by it the next day when I came home from work the carpet was ripped up in our bedroom. For a few weeks our bedroom floor was a slab of concrete. (BTW carpet is so disgusting whe…

Monday Etsy Find: Stamp it!!

When I was addressing all of our save the dates and invitations I thought my hand was going to FALL OFF! My right hand went into a cramp soooo many times it was terrible! I needed an ice pack at the end! No wonder people hire calligraphist or do labels!
For my though I didn't have the budget to hire a talented calligraphist and I didn't want to do labels because I didn't want people think our STD's and invites were junk mail (I invested months of tears and sweat designing those things I wasn't about to have someone mistake them as trash! NO SIR!). Personally I am more inclined to open mail that my address was handwritten.
Today's etsy find is a custom RUBBER STAMP, which I think will be a HUGE time saver with your paper products (STD, invites, thank you cards, Christmas cards, etc.). Of course you can't stamp individuals addresses, but you can stamp your own address. That will save 1/2 of the hand pain. Plus I think they look really classy and elegant.
They …

I am in LOVE with our TTD pics!!

I had posted a few teasers of our TTD session a couple weeks ago! My incredible photographer posted about 20 more on facebook! I was so excited I had to share! These came out much better than I envisioned initially! We will be seeing the rest this Friday!!! Yay for TTD!!!

I loved climbing into this lifeguard tower. So fun! I didn't get any cool veil shots on the wedding day
(because I was soo hot from the Texas August heat!).  So I brought it out and I am glad that I did! I am soooo short!! I need to wear my heels more often  (wearing flip flops in this photo) I love this one!! Just beautiful!!  *Side mother in law made my veil.  I love how she did it. Gorgeous! I swear this is my nerdy laugh..... This is more like it! This is classic Mike!! LOL! He is a goof ball!

He is holding me tight so I won't fall down.  These waves were strong! I love love love this one and the one below.  This is so us! Very playful!
I love love love how these turned out! They were so much fun! I recomme…