Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DIY Bouquet!

Now for my first wedding blog post....

A lot of brides are DIYing. And for a number of reasons...

#1 To save money (and yes you can save a lot of money DIYing.)
#2 Adding your own personalized touch
#3 Pride (there is alot of sense of pride knowing you accomplished such a beautiful craft you created)

I was one of these brides. I DIYed most of my things for the wedding. I did my own centerpieces for the reception (1/2 branches, 1/2 fresh jumbo hydrangeas), but not the bouquets. I thought it would be too stressful for me to do the bouquets the day before the wedding. I wanted to leave it to the professional to do that. Don't get me wrong she did a great job, but this is definitely doable to do on your own if you are up to it.

I did a bouquet for my bridals after the wedding and honestly I thought I did a better job then my florist did on my bouquet at my wedding. And it was soooo EASY!

I went to Hubbell & Hudson located in The Woodlands, TX. They are like a Whole Foods, but they have a floral department with GORGEOUS flowers. I ordered my jumbo white hydrangeas for the reception from there and they were at a great price. Less expensive then Sam's Club, which I was considering getting my hydrangeas at first. However, I saw the hydrangeas in person at Hubbell & Hudson and I fell in love. I went back there for the roses I was going to do for my bridal portraits bouquet.

Anyways back to my DIY adventure for the bouquet....

Purchased Items
Total Cost: $19
Florist Cost for the same thing: $75-$100

1. Cut the stems and let them sit in water
2. Cut the stems to length of how long you would like your bouquet.
3. Arrange stems in a circular ball pattern. Start with large center blossom and work your way around.
4. Wrap a rubber band around the stems to hold stems together
5. Wrap ribbon around stems leaving 1/2 an inch to spare at the base of bouquet
6. Insert pearl pin in ribbon to hold ribbon together
7. Keep bouquet in vase of water until use

From my Bridals with this Bouquet!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Time to remember...

Christmas, as seen in my previous post, is a dreaded time for me. However, I found this year it needs to be a time of remembrance and creating new memories for the future. So below is what I am "remembering" & the memories we created this year for 2009.

1. Always my dad.
He was a great man and I dedicate every Christmas Eve to him. By lighting a candle to remember of the wonderful man he once was. ~John G. Augustine (4.11.1937-12.24.2007)

2. My Mom.
It was always rare that I shared Christmas with her because she was always working on Christmas, but she always made my Christmases great as a child! The best story she ever told me when I was a kid was how Santa came into our home. I asked her how did Santa come into our apartment because we didn't have a fire place. She told me through the bath tub. Ha ha. I still think about it and laugh. I can't wait to share that with my children.

3. My husband.
He has always has made Christmas special for me in his own creative way. Last year he made an incredible scrap book of a 100 things of why he loved me. One of the best Christmas gifts I ever received.

Memories from 2009
1. The big one...becoming Mrs. Martin.
I can not believe we our finally married after 3-1/2 years of dating. It was a very challenging year for this day to come, but it was definitely worth it. We got a lot of compliments on how much fun our wedding was. And most importantly I finally sealed the deal with my best friend. We have officially become a family.

2. Experiencing our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Martin.
As always Mike had his special way in celebrating our first Christmas as husband and wife. As my gift he gave me a key from Tiffany's (hopefully this is not the last gift from there. LOL). He wanted to give me something that I would have for a long time to show our children what daddy gave mommy for their first Christmas. He is so thoughtful. It was the perfect Christmas!

3. Taking in our 3rd furbaby, Lucy.
Lucy was found by Mike this past May covered in fleas, bites and mange. We fell in love with her instantly because she was such a fighter living through what she lived through in the "hood" and surviving. I really didn't want to keep her. I just wanted to nurse her back to health and then find her a loving home, but we just fell in love with her and couldn't let her go. Maverick and Bentley love her so much. I love being a 3 dog house hold. Our home is so quiet when 1 is away. It's hard to believe it is quiet when there is 2, but it so is. I am not a fan when it is quiet. So glad to have the extra spunk in our home!

4. Gaining a new family.
I am so thrilled that I am officially part of Mike's family. I have the best in laws. It is exciting to be part of a big family. Now I have added to my family 1 mother, 1 father, 4 sisters, 3 brothers, 4 nieces, and 2 nephews. Mike's family has always been so welcoming and it is great to be part of such a family who just enjoys a great time with each other. I love the Christmases that last till 2 am!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Turned my frown upside down

On Christmas Eve it will be the 2nd year anniversary of my father's passing. Christmas has always been the time of year that I had spent it with my dad and my sisters. It was something I always looked forward to every year. When I was younger my dad and I would drive to Houston to see my sister and niece and nephew. On the way there I would ask my dad what he had gotten me for Christmas and his clues were so useless, but I love them. He would said, "It is bigger than a loaf of bread smaller than a house." Typical dad always trying to get me thinking. He knew how sneaky I was when it came to Christmas gifts. We always had a great time together during this special time of year.

I now find myself not looking forward to Christmas as much. Not because of the stress of shopping and the lack of our finances, but sad because I no longer get to share Christmas with my father. Not only not sharing Christmas with my father, but now Christmas is a reminder now to me what has to be the worst day of my life. Seeing my dad in the hospital room with a tears coming down his face because he knew he was dying. That vision just can not be removed from my head.

So when it comes to the holidays I really still want to be with my sisters and their children. Last year we were able to do it have Christmas with one of my sisters and all of the nieces and nephews. It was great being around them when we needed each other the most. We all know how to make each other feel better because we know the emotions of what we are feeling because of Dad being gone. Family is the definitely the best medicine at that time. Well this year doesn't look like I will be getting some of that medicine. Due to scheduling conflicts and our crap cars we will not be able see my family during the holidays. When I found out. I just broke down because I felt him my dad was around he would find a way. I was bawling crying at work on the phone to Mike. Man the holidays are just tough!

I miss my dad so much. I really miss the dad before the motorcycle accident (this is topic will be another blog).

Well I was feeling pretty down after my realization we wouldn't be able to make it to San Antonio. At that time I had to head out to our holiday team lunch at work. I really needed that. Everyone was so wonderful. I work with a great group of gals. We had great food and drinks. My BFF gave me some cute cute cute PJ's (which I am wearing now-I love them!). My friend Misti who ended up to be my Secret Santa gave me a ton of stuff. I was so overwhelmed. I started to cry when I pulled out my last gift. She had "The Martin's" & monogrammed kitchen towels. She is one of the most caring and thoughtful people I know. She made my frown turn my frown upside down. I thank her for that. I really needed that to happen today.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Card Attempt

Every year we take our Christmas card with the dogs. We always have out takes in the Christmas card of how we are trying to get the dogs under control. This year we wanted to be a little bit more silly & creative.

We tried to make an attempt of taking pictures with the dogs, but that was FAIL all over it. We take them ourselves with a timer so it is pretty difficult to do with 2 grown adults and 3 crazy dogs. Soo... we tried again today. Houston weather was great to us, but we were still having trouble with the dogs. My husband had an idea of us on a little tractor pulling a wagon full of gifts and the dogs would look like they are pulling the tractor.

Let me say this now...we would be a terrible dog sled team. They were all out of line trying to chase after squirrels. One of them was laying down because he was bored. It was all sorts of fun. So Mike and I took our regular photo and decided to photoshop the dogs the position we wanted them in. They were really hard to control. After that we took some more goofy shots. We have alot of fun taking these pics every year. We hear a lot of comments about how funny our Christmas cards are.

Thank you LORD for PHOTOSHOP! ha ha!

Here are some of the pics we used and some we didn't use in our card!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some what famous...

Our wedding photographer, Trung-Montage Photographers, took some amazing photos of us! His work looks like it belongs in a gallery. He has a great eye for things. Anyways to why we are some what "famous".... Trung had submitted some of our images to Brides Houston (Modern Luxury Publication). I was skimming through it and I saw our photo (page 125)! The one you see in my header! I was soo excited to see it there. I wished they would have used some of the other photos, but I will take anything!

Also, our wedding announcement was in the Houston Chronicle Star section, December 3rd's publication.

Man we are getting all sorts of exposure this month of December!

"Blame it On the Toes"

Why I named my blog "Blamed it on the Toes"????? This name popped into my head from thinking back on what my husband had written in the book my he had given me right before he asked me to marry him. In the book he had written to me stating that he was "blaming it on the toes."

Let me clarify this a little more.... definetly not a weird foot fetish. Ha! He said it all started with seeing my toes. He saw them and he could picture seeing himself coming home to me from work with me all barefooted and pregnant. That's what he wanted a family with me. Right then he knew he was going to marry me.

So the toes is what started it all according to him. So I thought it would be fun to name my blog that since the inspiration for me to start blogging is because my life after the wedding. There would be no wedding if he didn't get down on one knee. Obviously! Tee Hee!

The one to start

Never thought ever that I would be blogging. Here I am sitting here excited about what I am going to bring to my blog. I feel like I have so much to post. Don't even know where to begin. I guess that's why it took me so long to post my first posting because I wanted the just the right one. I did tell myself there is NO perfect post so I just need to get it the first one out of the way! And they post will be rolling out. So here I am getting my FIRST, but boring post out of the way! WHOOP for Liz!