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Toddler Fall Artwork: Tree hand and finger leaves

Found this craft off of pinterest. I had J paint the background color with a sponge brush.  Wanted it to look like a sunset. The green grass at the bottom was an accident. Mommy put the wrong paint color. It all worked out though :). We let it dry for the night.

The original craft instructed to trace the child's arm and hand. Then paint the hand yourself. And have your little one use their little finger prints as leaves. Tracing???? What fun is that??? I globbed on brown paint on J's arm and hand. He LOVED doing this. We made the print then let it dry overnight. The next day we used different color oranges, yellows, and a pale green for the leaves. I had J use his pointer fingers and just poke at the canvas like he was typing. I really really wanted to see the individual finger prints, but that is just not going to happen with an independent 2 year old.

Have fun doing this. I know we did. :)