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Here Comes the Bride Banner

When my husband and I were deciding on the wedding party we knew all the nieces & nephews wanted to participate in the wedding some how. So we had to find a role for all 7 nieces & 3 nephews. Yes...we were able to find roles for all 10 except 1 niece she was just so young.

You can only have so many flower girls and ring bearers. Since there were so many girls I decided to have a "House Party." They all had their own special role in the wedding. 1 was in charge of the guest book, 1 in charge of the programs, and 2 carried the banners down the aisle. They all felt special because they had to wear special attire, recieved gifts, & recognition in the wedding program just like the bridal party.

Many brides used the "Here Comes the Bride" banner in replace as flower girls or ring bearers. I wasn't replacing I was adding roles. For our two 10 year old nieces who were to old to be flower girl so this role was perfect for them and our wedding. We had them c…

DIY-Chic, but Simple Hydrangea Centerpiece

I believe the hydrangea is one of the most chic flowers. It is so pure in its' delicate form with its' full blossom. Sweet, simple and elegant. I love all the variety of colors that they come in, but my favorite is the classic white.

I had always wanted hydrangeas for my centerpieces at my wedding reception. I had received quotes from florists for just 1 white jumbo hydrangea in a simple 6" glass vase for at least $40+. Yes, just for 1 stem! I thought that price was just absurd because all it was just one stem they were sticking into the vase and not a whole bushel of them. Sooooo I started to research online of brides who had DIY their centerpieces using hydrangeas and I heard from them all that it was pretty easy task. So I decided to just do 1/2 of my centerpieces with fresh white jumbo hydrangeas. Best decision I ever made! Saved me a ton of $$$.

I was going to purchase my jumbo white hydrangeas originally from Sam's Club who I have heard great things about. But I n…

Yay for Awards!

I feel so special. I just started this blog just before the holidays and I have 2 blog awards! I am just so giddy about this!

Jarcye: Eat Drink & Get Married blog thank you for the Glamorous Blog Award. I love reading your blog so great to receive an award from such a fashionista!

Thank you to Lost in White Chiffon for awarding me with the Kreative Blogger Award! I will stride to be even more creative with my blog!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Paste the award on your blog.
3. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
4. Share seven interesting things about yourself.
5. Nominate up to 7 more beautifulbloggers.
6. Link the seven bloggers you nominate.
1. Most people think I am Hispanic because of my dark features. I am actually 1/2 Korean and 1/2 Canadian, but born in the great state of Texas.

2. I have been called Elizabeth my whole life until I was in college. Mike started to call me Liz and it just stuck with me. Now everyone beside…

Sad Panda....Bentley & Tree

Seems like this was the week that things were being cut. Literally!

First up was Bentley...
He is our oldest dog (4 years old). The past few months Bentley had been escaping out of ridiculous spots in the yard. He would get out through a hole the size of my fist and if you have ever seen Bentley his head is the size of bear cub. It is HUGE. Anyways he would squeeze out of places and run all over the neighborhood. And keep in mind we live on 2-1/2 acres and you would think that would be enough room to run around. However, I was told that un-neutured dogs do that because they are wandering looking for a female dog that was in heat miles away. So I decided it was finally time to get Bentley neutered. Of course my husband did not like that idea taking away Bentley's manhood. I told my husband it was the best thing for Bentley health wise for the future even though he was a very calm dog. He still was heart broken that Bentley would walk with a different swagger after Wednesday. This wa…

DIY-Save the Date! Less than $60!

I love receiving Save the Dates. Especially the ones that have a magnet on them. They are so fun! And people actually keep them and put them on their refrigerator!
Below is a way to have great looking Save the Dates under $60. Perfect for the budget bride! Everyone will think you had them done professionally!

1. I downloaded fonts from and played with them in photoshop.
***you can also use the edit photo tool at your pharmacies photo website or microsoft publisher
2. Choose an image from your engagement pictures and size the image for a 4x5.3 in photoshop and set the resolution to 300.
3. I upload the image to the Walgreens site to be printed. Many pharmacies & grocery stores have there websites to do this on.
4. I purchased rolls of adhesive magnet from Hobby Lobby5. I cut them to smaller strips and peeled the adhesive strips and slap that on the back of the picture.100-prints: $102 rolls of adhesive magnet: $8Envelopes 100 from Target: $5Postage: $35Total: $58

DIY- "You are invited...."

I feel that your Save the Dates & invitations set the tone for your wedding. Guests start to see what your style will be like for the wedding. I feel in the past the most traditional invitations were all white with black font script. However, the trend these days is having that pop of color or some cool design or flourish on your invitations with some really chic fonts. It is such a great way to express your personality and style as a bride. Trendy, but chic. I love it!

I never noticed such chic invitations with color until I saw my step sister Laura's invitations. They had a hint of blue with a modern font. So clean and chic. So her. She had purchased them from Wedding Paper Divas. Since then Wedding Paper Divas has been my source of inspiration when it came to invitations. I wanted to purchase my invitations so badly from there. However, my budget couldn't handle the costs. So I decided that I would DIY. Not only helped me budget wise, but allowed me to make my invites e…

Bridal Extravaganza Frenzy!

I decided I was going to help my photographer friend out by helping him at his booth this weekend at the Bridal Extravaganza. I think it is going to be fun being on the other end not being a bride this time. Last year I was very overwhelmed by the size of the show and the information that I received from it. Luckily my fiance at the time now husband and in laws went with me for support. I didn't know what to expect, but now knowing going through one. Here are some tips I would share if you are going to experience the craziness called the Bridal Extravaganza.

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes: by the end my legs and hips were killing me because my shoes sucked!

2. Eat before the show or bring snacks: It will take at least 3 hours to get through the whole show even if you are just stopping to a few vendors. You will get hungry and the food there can get pricey. Also, there is not a whole lot of taste testing like people think with caters and cake people. So eat! You need the energy.

3. Crea…