Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Jett!!!

I am a month or so behind. Better late then never!

Happy FIRST Birthday to our awesome son, Jett Michael!!!!! His birthday fell on a Thursday this year and we were excited to have his Halmunee (my mom) & Granpapa (my stepdad) to come vistit for Jett's birthday and birthday party. I decided to keep it low key on his actual birthday because I knew in a couple of days we will have tons more going on at the party.

We knew Jett loves balloons so I stopped on my way home and picked up a helium balloon. Jett was amazed by it and couldn't stop playing with it.

 I made Jett's favorite meal, Spaghetti & Meatballs (I posted this recipe January). I baked his cake the night before and left it out to ice the next day. Of course our 3 furbabies wanted to join in the festivities of Jett's birthday and decided to test out the cake and ended up eating it all themselves. So Daddy made a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing for Jett.

We brought the cake over with a candle and sang Happy Birthday. Jett didn't understand why everyone was singing and why mommy was bringing over this big plate with fire on it.

 We blew out the candles together and cut a couple of slices for the adults. And it was GAME ON. 1st piece of cake for Jett!

He had a great time and so did we watching him dive into his birthday cake. He was a mess, but it was worth it!! Can't believe he is a year already. It just felt like yesterday we were holding our 7lb 9oz little newborn. We love you our sweet son.