Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our 1 year Anniversary Weekend!

So all the plans that I had for our 1 year anniversary did not go as I planned, but it still ended up being a great weekend. Better than I ever planned or expected!

Originally I didn't know if Mike had anything planned for our big 1 year! I am so naive....of course he does. He always does! He is so thoughtful for special occasions and goes well and beyond then he needs too! Anyways....I had plans to get a couple's massage on Saturday and then Sunday at Mark's. This restaurant was voted the most romantic places to dine in Houston. It use to be a church converted into a restaurant. So I thought it would be fun to experience a new place. I also had our baker recreate a smaller version of Mike's groom's cake. He had talked about it soo much since the wedding I had to get it made again.

Like I said things didn't go as planned. Our appointment for the massages was at 2. Mike had gone to get a hair cut in the morning and when he came home I found a big box with a red bow for me. I opened the card and it said, "Would you join me for dinner. Where the scene of the crime began? Check Yes or No."  I reluctantly said yes then proceed to ask if we going to Christophers in College Station. He said yes and to start packing. I was so surprised and I asked if were staying there and he said, "Yes, on Southwest Parkway" (the street where we met). I was shocked I asked about the dogs who was going to take care of them. He said he had it all taken care of. Their Aunt Becca was going to come over to let them out that evening and in the morning. (Side Note: Christophers is where we had our first nice date as a couple.)

I then opened the box after asking a million and one questions. In the box were 2 beautiful dresses for me to wear that evening. He did soooo good. They were gorgeous and fit just right! I was so excited! I loved going back to College Station. So many great memories there!

We leave to go to the couples massage. Things were taking a while. And I ended up having to cancel my massage because the prenatal therapists was nervous to give me a massage even though the owner said it would be okay at 11-1/2 weeks. Typically they do it at 12, but I was so close it would be fine. However, therapist didn't want to touch me until I was 13. They said I could still proceed, but I didn't want too if the therapist was nervous. How was I suppose to enjoy my massage. So I just cancelled and Mike had one by himself. So much for a romantic couples massage.

We then head to good ole College Station....did I mention how much I LOVE that city! So clean, people are sooo nice, pretty, etc! We got there around 5 ish took a quick nap then got ready for our dinner at Christophers. The dinner was just as I remembered it 5 years go, but better! It was so great enjoying that time together. In such a beautiful setting and reminiscing of the great times we had together in College Station. After our excellent meal we drove around the whole city going down memory lane. Where we had both lived. Some of our favorite places to eat. It was great! All I know is that College Station is growing like crazy! So great for that city!

The next day we went Messina Hof winery and took a tour. We have both never been there. It was really a neat learning experience about the vineyard and about wine. Too bad I couldn't drink, but that's okay. I learned a whole lot. After the tour we had lunch at their restaurant. Mike said it was awesome! I didn't have much because my stomach was upset from the fermentation room from the tour.

When went to the mall so I can find some Aggie baby stuff. Since we are so limited here in Houston. I found the cutest little newborn beanie, "Born to be an Aggie." I can't wait to use that for the newborn pictures! There was so much more we can buy, but I had to hold back. I will be be back in the great CS again and get some more then!

 Us at Christophers (1 year wedding anniversary!) 
where we had our 1st date 5 years prior!
This dessert was so oozed of chocolate.
Where we stayed for the evening on "Southwest Pkwy"
 Our lunch at Messina Hof. Just beautiful!

Our view during lunch part of the vineyard at Messina Hof.
Mike enjoying the "G" wine he learned about out on our tour.

Our cake a year later. Just as good. Yum!
I looked alot better during this pose the year before. 
Groom's cake semi-recreated. Still sooo good!



I found some of the cutest baby clothes at Aggieland Outfitters!!! :) I'm so excited for yall! Congrats on one year & the little one!


That's where we were! I had to hold back sooo much when we were there! Soooo many cute things! I will be making a trip up there again for sure to get more stuff!

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