Monday, August 16, 2010

Yes, we are going to have....

A baby! Baby Martin estimate arrival is February 23, 2011! We are sooo excited about our new little addition! Most of our family and really close friends new about our exciting news! However, we annouced it on facebook last week after our 12 week check up. So I guess if it's on FB that means it is official now! LOL. Gotta love social networking.

Since we found out about our pregnancy I have been keeping up a separate blog just about the pregnancy...sort of like a pregnancy journal, but documenting it all online. It just seemed so much easier then writing all the stuff down. After the baby arrives (when I have time...I know baby will keep me busy) I am going to transfer that blog into a pregnancy journal book for the baby. I would like to do this for each pregnancy if I can!

Below is the link to that blog if anyone is interested in my pregnancy journey (it's not that interesting, but it has some pics. hehe)

New Blog: "10 Little Toes"



congrats to you both! Here is to wishing you a Happy and Healthy nine months.


Thank you so much!

Shannon and Jesse

Congrats! That is very exciting news.... 9 months will fly by


I guess I missed the FB announcement! Im so excited for yall! Congrats!!!


i love the baby blog! i know the feeling! oh & pottery barn has some really cute gender neutral bedding with lambs on it! if we wouldn't have found out i would have probably used it!!!


congrats!!!! :)


Congratulations!! That's so happy for the two of you =) can't wait to check out the baby blog =)


awww love the name of the new blog :)

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