Saturday, April 30, 2016

80s Homecoming Theme 40th Party!

When I heard the idea of an 80s prom for a birthday party. I knew this was something I had to do for for my husband one day, who grew up in the 80s. What better birthday milestone to throw this party was the big 4-0!

I had this theme in my head for years! I was always looking for cheap venues, decor ideas, and outfits. 6 months prior to his birthday party. I decided to change it from an 80s prom theme party to a 80s homecoming theme party. Almost exactly the same. I only did this because I wanted our guests to have more options when it came to their wardrobe. I know some homecomings in the 80s were really formal, but some were not. I just wanted a variety of options for our awesome guests!

As I mentioned I looked at all sorts of venues. I wanted my backdrop to be an old school gym. I knew a lot of these dances took place in a stinky gym. I had no luck finding a gym, but I found a great community center in my local town. The price was right, but they required us to have at least 2 police officers on duty and I wasn't allowed to put anything on the walls. The police officers cost just as much as the venue and I really had my heart set on some decor ideas. So I nixed that idea. So I decided that I would do it at our house and transform it to an 80s homecoming dance.

I started with the invitation. The first impression of the birthday party. I decided to go the Evite route rather than snail mail, which I usually do for all my invitations (I know I am old school). The only reason why I went this online direction was to keep track of my RSVP more accurately. I was serving dinner so I need a good count. And let's face it people don't RSVP anymore unless it is an online invite. I know it's hard to believe that people just don't RSVP anymore. So rude, but its the truth... unless it is an instant quick click when they receive the invite. They will not RSVP. Anyways...enough on my RSVP rant. Evite was great. I was still able to personalize & upload my own invitation I created for a nominal fee. I was able to send it to 60+ guest. I was able to message my guest even after I sent the invitation out to communicate somethings about wardrobe. Sure did beat the cost of paper, envelopes and stamps! Loved it!

I rented a tent through American Rental Hall. I shopped around and they had the best rate. They were great. They dropped off on Friday and picked up on Monday. Just enough time for me to decorate.

What was so great about this theme was all the decorations were cheap cheap cheap!! Streamers, paper stars, and lots and lots of balloons! So many balloons I think my fingers were raw by the end of the weekend tying all the balloons we tied. We probably tied over 300 balloons. Ouch. The price I pay for love. Also, speaking of love.  I loved incorporating in the decor was all the photos of my husband when he was younger. I had them everywhere. Everyone really enjoying looking at them.

I had to get creative with the balloons. We did balloons with helium and did many without. My biggest project was 2 balloon arches. One for the photo back drop and one for outside at the tent.

The cake was from Treebeards. We also had brownies and butter bread as well. Got so many compliments on the dessert!

You can't quite see it, but the candles are shaped into a 40.

Didn't want the photo booth to be in the way of everyone, but still be visible.
 I turned 1/2 of our study into the photo booth area.

Main Dinner was catered by Mel's Café in Tomball. Best service and price.

Pictures don't do the outside set up justice.
It was very humid that day so couldn't get a clear photo.

Me and the boys got Mike a Les Paul guitar. Something he has always wanted.

The photo booth was a huge hit. I purchase this wireless printer from Amazon (You can get it HERE). I loved this printer because you use a card or use it wirelessly through blue tooth on your phone or iPad. It printed great quality photos. Our guests were able to leave with a little mementos from the party.

Happy Birthday Mike! I hope it was the best birthday you ever had! I loved planning and throwing it for you. It was surreal to see my vision come to life. Love you!