Friday, October 1, 2010

1st & Last Garage Sale!

So I had the "ingenious" idea to host a garage sale at our home. I really think it was my pregnant brain who thought this idea up because the normal me would have not even consider it.

What prompted this thought was....the room where we will have the nursery was full of Mike's grandmother's furniture. We were going to move it all out to a storage area in the back, but we knew once it got back there it would never been seen or get any use out of it. So the thought of a garage sale popped into my mind. It would help us from moving it to storage. So thought also was I had some stuff to sell from college and I also had asked the rest of the family if they had stuff to sell and they did. So why not a garage sale? It only made sense. ha ha! Some great idea at the time right? I kept telling myself it was to clear out the room, but boooooooooy I had no idea how much work went into putting a garage sale together and then working one.

Thank goodness my mother in law, sister in law and husband were there to help. I definitely could have not done this by myself pregnant or not! They all were Saviors when it was all said and done.

Our garage was packed to the gills with furniture, boxes and such. I even cleared most of it out the weekend before, but it was still full. We had a small little path so we can walk through and a lot of the times the dogs were trapped and couldn't walk out themselves. They are typically the best to maneuver their way around, but since it was so crowded it was very difficult for us all. We even had furniture in the house to take out, but we couldn't there was just not enough room for it all. I couldn't wait too get it all out it was overwhelming me.

Mike and the Martin nephews (Brayden & Camden) put up this HUGE tent on Friday night so we can put some stuff underneath the tent that evening since there wasn't any room in the garage. And we didn't know if it would rain that evening or the next morning. Plus it was a perfect place to have alot of the items for the sale since it was shaded. I am so glad that thing was up. It was perfect for what we wanted to accomplished.

We were ready for Saturday. I had put an ad in the Chronicle and made signs that Mike put out on the streets Friday. We started our day at 6 am for a 8 am garage sale. We pulled everything out of the garage up to the 8 am mark and we were still not done. We still needed to unpack the boxes. Slowly, but surely we were able to do that within the next couple of hours.

Once we opened our gate it was game on. Our yard was flooded with people. I think the most at one time we had about 45 people there. I think in total the number of people that came through our garage sale was at least 200 people. 

My mother in law was definitely working it. She had her fanny pack and was wheeling and dealing the hot September heat. She was AWESOME!!

This was around the middle the afternoon. 
A lot of the larger items had been sold at this point, but still had a ton of stuff left!

The Martin kids and Jada had a lemonade stand. So cute!! Wished they made some more, but I had fun with them there. So did our furbabies.

This is Avery standing in front of their lemonade stand set up (.50 cents for each cup).

We wrapped up around 2ish. Loaded whatever was left in our trucks and donated them. This would be my 1st and LAST garage sale. The amount of work & time does not equal the amount of $$ you make out of it. So not worth it. But like I said it was our main goal to just clear out the room that would be the nursery so that was done and this amount is just PRICELESS. We can now start on our nursery!!


michelle ellis

I agree, the work is just not worth it. But, what fun memories you made, and now you are clutter free!


We had a garage sale Saturday too but yours looks huge. lol I just wanted to get rid of some crap, it was mostly my mother in law's garage sale. she made alot, i made enough. i hate them too.


what a great blog!

have a nice time!

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