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Jett's Nursery... Renovation

We started to work on the room slowly, but surely in September. We first had a garage sale to get everything out of the room. It was basically used as a storage room and it was packed from floor to ceiling. Luckily we were able to sell the majority of the items. Thank goodness!!
The Garage Sale!!
Second was tearing everything out of the room. This was the fun part! Pulled out all the carpet, everything out of the closet (shelving, poles, racks, etc.). 

The dogs even wanted to help out! ;-)
Third Mike worked on some great solid pieces of furniture (dresser, tv armoire & crib) to refinish. This took a while since it was sooooo time consuming. We wanted black with some antiquing. Mike of course added his awesome creativity to it all with some stencil work and lining the interiors with some awesome mod podge work. It was worth every minute. He did an INCREDIBLE job! The pieces look soooo awesome! My Dresser Growing Up Before.....

Inside the dresser we Mod Podge this wrapping paper,
we …