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Toddler Christmas Tree Hands Artwork

I saw this cute pin on pinterest on using your little one's hands to make a Christmas tree on canvas. Thought it would be a great Christmas decor craft to display in the future.

We started off with a blank canvas that I bought on sale at Hobby Lobby. I got our Crayola hand paints and we created our background first. I wanted kind of have a sunset look ombre style. Ha ha! I know...a little much, but it would add some much character to it. So I squirted yellow and red on the canvas and Jett mixed all the colors on the canvass. He loved this part. He got to spread it all over the canvas. We let that dry for a day and went on to make the tree.

I got a pencil and drew a triangle of the size of the tree we wanted. So we could use it as a guide. Well this part didn't happen as I planned. I squirted green paint on a plate and got Jett to cover his hand in the paint. I only got one hand print on the canvass. Jett doesn't like when I control his hands to make shapes. He wanted to d…

Teacher or Parent Candy Bar card

For J's daycare provider birthday I wanted to get her something personalized from Jett. I didn't have any ideas at the time nothing really screamed this is the gift on pinterest. However, on facebook one of my friends she had recieved this candy bar card from one of her students. Such an awesome idea. So creative and meaningful. So I was searching on pinterest for examples for wording for a card. There was not a ton so I had to combine a couple of cards I found to what fit for Jett's daycare provider.

I first wrote out my card on a piece of paper and made a list of the candy I needed. Searching for the candy was a tad challenging. I went to the my local pharmacy near where I work. I had to go to 2 different ones (CVS & Walgreens). I found most of the stuff I needed from Walgreens. I also picked up my poster board from there too.

Poster board
Tape or Hot Glue Gun

Extra Gum
100 Grand
York Peppermint Patty

How I made our Distressed Family Growth Chart

Growing up we always looked forward to standing up against the door frame at my dad's house and measuring ourselves to see who was beating who height wise. It was a wonderful marker of years of memories. When my dad passed away we could not remove the frame. It was so upsetting to leave years of the wonderful random dash marks and scribbles we had put on there.

So I told myself when we restart this great tradition for our little family I would want it to be portable. Because we know we will move and we would want to take that with us. I have also seen families put them on a wall and you definitely can't take that with you and even if you plan on staying in that home forever. You might want a fresh coat of paint. Everything would be completely erased. Just AWFUL!

So my searched began on Etsy. There are so many beautiful growth charts, but nothing what I was looking for. Most of them only went to 6 ft and I wanted ours to be at least 6'5." I am about 5'7" or so…

Jett's Toddler Clark Kent Costume

Happy Belated Halloween Blog family. I am on a little roll with blogging. Two posts in a week! That has not happened in a long time. I had to post our toddler's DIY Clark Kent costume since so many people asked about it and thought it was so cool.

This DIY costume was another pinterest finding. I love the costumes you make with stuff you already have or easy to put together. So when I saw this pin of a toddler dressed up as Clark Kent I knew instantly this is what J needed to be for Halloween. It looked comfy and I didn't have to spend a fortune on it. Also, his daddy calls J superman as a nickname it was a perfect costume.

Below are the items I used for the costume. Everything we pretty much had in his closet except the superman onesie/shirt, tie & glasses. I found the long sleeved superman logo onesie at the Gap Outlet for $5.99. I was hesitant at first that it was a onesie, but I am sure glad that it was. Because we don't have to worry about that the superman unders…

Deco Mesh Fall Wreath...let's get crafty!

I haven't blogged a craft post in sooooo long! Before I had Jett and when he had more naps I was able to do more craft projects and do them fairly quickly. Now a simple craft project takes me weeks or I just forget about the project and just let it just sit there for months. Perfect example Jett's first year scrapbook. I am only on month 4 and he is 20 months right now....I know I am terrible.

As we all know Pinterest is like a drug EXTREMELY addicting. I am practically on Pinterest everyday pinning new recipes, activities that J can do, diy stuff, home inspirations, etc. I have a million pins on all these DIY projects I want to do (you can see them here) . Maybe one day I can do my dreams.

I love the fall because that means all the holidays are right around the corner. I love to decorate especially for Christmas. Here in Houston there is a huge Christmas event in November at Reliant Center called the "Nutcracker Market." It is uhmazing! Great place to ge…

This is me coping & grieving....

I have used my blog once before to vent, but never too grieve. I feel like this is the best time and outlet to help me do this at the moment. I need this to help me cope with my emotions I am experiencing right now. Well I hope it helps. Just a heads up this post is about my two failed pregnancies this past year.

The 5 worst dates of my life of 2012.....

February 15, 2012: We were so excited about this pregnancy. We had taken Clomid again and gotten pregnant on the first try like we did with J. We felt truly blessed and was thrilled about our 2nd baby and for our son to be a big brother! We even announced before the weekend of this date at our son's 1st birthday party that we were expecting baby #2. BIG MISTAKE.
I would be about 8 weeks at this point. On this date we went in for our first ultrasound. There was nothing in the gestational sac. No fetal pole, no yolk, no nothing. It was completely empty. I had what they call a "blighted ovum." I had all the pregnancy symp…

Jett's Airplane 1st Birthday Party & Dol Janchi!

We all know your child's 1st birthday is such a huge milestone. In Korean cultures it is HUGE! They rent out huge reception halls and invites hundreds of people to the child's "dol-janchi" aka "1st birthday party event." So when I began planning Jett's party I knew it needed to be very memorable. Your child only turns 1 once. I know I know.....I had people tell me numerous times that he won't remember the  party so why make a big deal. Does it really matter if they don't remember it? He will love it at the present time and that's really what matters. Also, I wanted Jett to know and see in pictures in the future that his 1st birthday was not just not any ole birthday. He celebrated a great milestone and honored his Korean customs for a 1st birthday.

A little back story.......Many people think the reason why we named our son, Jett, was because we are jet plane enthusiast. Incorrect. The name originated from Jett's Grammy, Jeanette. We sho…