Thursday, December 20, 2012

Toddler Christmas Tree Hands Artwork

I saw this cute pin on pinterest on using your little one's hands to make a Christmas tree on canvas. Thought it would be a great Christmas decor craft to display in the future.

We started off with a blank canvas that I bought on sale at Hobby Lobby. I got our Crayola hand paints and we created our background first. I wanted kind of have a sunset look ombre style. Ha ha! I know...a little much, but it would add some much character to it. So I squirted yellow and red on the canvas and Jett mixed all the colors on the canvass. He loved this part. He got to spread it all over the canvas. We let that dry for a day and went on to make the tree.

I got a pencil and drew a triangle of the size of the tree we wanted. So we could use it as a guide. Well this part didn't happen as I planned. I squirted green paint on a plate and got Jett to cover his hand in the paint. I only got one hand print on the canvass. Jett doesn't like when I control his hands to make shapes. He wanted to do it HIS way. I gave up on that inspiration of the cute hand printed Christmas tree. So I just guided him certain areas on which he should hit the canvas. He had a blast with this because he would hit the canvass like it was a drum. He was so excited!! I was going to go back and have him use his fingers prints to make the ornaments, but I knew that was not going to happen.

He thought it was a great idea to cover his face with paint after he was done. Silly kid.

Later Mike painted the yellow star on top of the tree. I would recommend acrylic paint for this because the Crayola hand paint doesn't really stand out. I think it turned out pretty great considering working with a stubborn independent toddler artist. It is pretty abstract.I love it. It is so Jett!

Non Toxic Paint (if you are working with a Toddler) red, yellow, green
Paint brush

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Teacher or Parent Candy Bar card

For J's daycare provider birthday I wanted to get her something personalized from Jett. I didn't have any ideas at the time nothing really screamed this is the gift on pinterest. However, on facebook one of my friends she had recieved this candy bar card from one of her students. Such an awesome idea. So creative and meaningful. So I was searching on pinterest for examples for wording for a card. There was not a ton so I had to combine a couple of cards I found to what fit for Jett's daycare provider.

I first wrote out my card on a piece of paper and made a list of the candy I needed. Searching for the candy was a tad challenging. I went to the my local pharmacy near where I work. I had to go to 2 different ones (CVS & Walgreens). I found most of the stuff I needed from Walgreens. I also picked up my poster board from there too.

Poster board
Tape or Hot Glue Gun

Extra Gum
100 Grand
York Peppermint Patty
Almond Joy

Maria loved the card. You can definetly put more on there. This is just what I put for this particular card. This would be fun to do for a family member too. Below is the actual text of the card we wrote.

"Ms. Maria,
Happy Birthday! I wanted to get you something EXTRA special on your birthdaay! I was going to give you 100 GRAND or a trip to New YORK, but the $ for your big WHOPP ing gift slipped out of my BUTTERFINGER s. I just wanted to let you know I SKOR ed having you as my teacher. You are my LIFESAVER during lunch and snack time. Thank you for all your do for me. I wish you lots of JOY on your birthday. Love, Jett"

Sunday, November 11, 2012

How I made our Distressed Family Growth Chart

Growing up we always looked forward to standing up against the door frame at my dad's house and measuring ourselves to see who was beating who height wise. It was a wonderful marker of years of memories. When my dad passed away we could not remove the frame. It was so upsetting to leave years of the wonderful random dash marks and scribbles we had put on there.

So I told myself when we restart this great tradition for our little family I would want it to be portable. Because we know we will move and we would want to take that with us. I have also seen families put them on a wall and you definitely can't take that with you and even if you plan on staying in that home forever. You might want a fresh coat of paint. Everything would be completely erased. Just AWFUL!

So my searched began on Etsy. There are so many beautiful growth charts, but nothing what I was looking for. Most of them only went to 6 ft and I wanted ours to be at least 6'5." I am about 5'7" or so and my husband is 6'1" so I wanted something taller than 6 ft just encase our children/grandchildren were going to surpass us. Since I couldn't find the size that I wanted. I then decided this would be a great DIY project. So it was onto Pinterest to search for some help on how I can do this. 

My Inspiration for Distressed growth chart
Inspiration for the marking and numbers

  • 10x8 Pine wood board
  • Stain
  • Paint
  • Medium Point Paint Marker
  • Saw
  • Sander/Sand Paper
  • Old cloth/towel
  • Paint Brush
  • Pencil
  • Ball Point Pen
  • Angle Square Ruler
  • Tape Measure

Tips: Purchasing Supplies
We purchased our wood board from Lowe's. They sell pre-cut sizes and they can cut them to whatever size you like. We went with a 10x8 pine and that was finished all four sides so it cost a little more than the others pieces they had. I've read from other pinterest projects you can get them as cheap as $6.99 unfinished and depending what type of wood. My husband has worked with lumber growing up so he is a little picky when it comes to certain woods for projects. He recommended the pine cause it would last longer if we were going to have it around for a long time. Originally he wanted me to get Oak, but I could get myself to pay $40 for that piece. I paid $24 for the piece. I know a little steeper than the $6.99, but worth it to me.
Before it was cut and stained

I decided I wanted a distressed look to the chart. So to get that look I would need to stain and paint the chart. Luckily you don't need a lot of both to make that happen. We had stain at home. SCORE! And we used one of the dozens of paint samples we had when were trying to select the right paint for some renovations. DOUBLE SCORE! If you don't have any in hand at home I would just purchase the smallest can of stain and a paint sample. The rest of the supplies: saw, brushes, sander, sand paper we already had.

I used maybe a quarter of the paint. This sample size is perfect.

One other tip on supplies for the paint marker I would get a medium point paint marker. I had a fine one and it just doesn't do as a great of job as the medium point. It might have been the brand too. My original paint marker that I had was from hobby lobby, but the one that was perfect for me was the Elmer's Brand that they sell at Walmart.

How To....
1. We could have cut the piece at Lowe's, but we had a skill saw at home and decided to cut it ourselves. We cut the 10x8 piece to a 10x6. "Wait a minute I thought you wanted a 6'5" ruler!" Yup, that is correct. I am going to hang the ruler 6 inches off the ground so the ruler will actually be 6'5."

2. I sanded very lightly the flat side & sides that I was  going to use for the chart. Wiped off any saw dust with a lightly damped cloth. I would wear gloves for this part because if you get the stain on you it won't come off very easily. I applied the stain with a paint brush all on the flat side and edges going with the grain. Then took the old cloth and wiped off the excess stain, going with the grain as well. This must be done immediately the stain dries rather quickly. Then let it dry overnight.
The board after it was stained and dried.

3. After the stain dries over night. I painted the chart with my paint sample. I went with a gray color. I just did one coat. Let it dry over night. You don't have to let it dry over night, but I did because I worked on this at night it was just easier. The paint just needs to be completly dried.

4. I got my pencil and tape measure and marked the lines for the chart. Because I am hanging the chart six inches off the ground I started at marked the first 6 inches on the chart and I had the first foot. Then I marked every quarter and did 12 inches for every foot after that. After I marked in quarter increments I made my lines. I used the angle square ruler because I could just butt it up against one side to make sure my ruler was straight and I was making a straight line. The quarter marks were a 1 inch long, the half inch marks are 1.5 inches and the foot marks are 2 inches long.

5. I then used the angle square ruler again to go over the pencil markings with the paint marker so I could have a clean straight line. I had to be careful on getting excess paint when I was going from line to line. The paint marker dries pretty quickly.

6. There are so many different ways to this, but this seem to be the most common that I read on doing the text on the ruler. I printed out numbers Century font, 200 font size and the text "Martin Family" Century font, 185 font size. I cut out each number and word and I then lined them up where I wanted them.  I then traced them with a ball point pen. Press firmly with the ball point pen when tracing the numbers so you make a good dent in the board. You might need to take little breaks here and there for it because it will hurt your hand because you are pressing so hard. Then I used the paint marker to fill the traced numbers & words.

7. I pulled out our sander and light sanded over the numbers, words and lines. Just enough to get the worn look.  I pressed a little harder on the edges and the parts of the board that I didn't have any writing on them. If you don't have a sander, sand paper will work too.

The Final Product!
 This project took me 3-4 days to do. It was fairly quick considering most projects take me weeks to finish. My growth chart cost me about $25 because I had most of the supplies at home. Even if I didn't have all the stuff in hand it would probably would have been less than something I saw on etsy.  I love how it turned out. I hope this tutorial helps. If you have any questions please leave a comment.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Jett's Toddler Clark Kent Costume

Happy Belated Halloween Blog family. I am on a little roll with blogging. Two posts in a week! That has not happened in a long time. I had to post our toddler's DIY Clark Kent costume since so many people asked about it and thought it was so cool.

This DIY costume was another pinterest finding. I love the costumes you make with stuff you already have or easy to put together. So when I saw this pin of a toddler dressed up as Clark Kent I knew instantly this is what J needed to be for Halloween. It looked comfy and I didn't have to spend a fortune on it. Also, his daddy calls J superman as a nickname it was a perfect costume.

Below are the items I used for the costume. Everything we pretty much had in his closet except the superman onesie/shirt, tie & glasses. I found the long sleeved superman logo onesie at the Gap Outlet for $5.99. I was hesitant at first that it was a onesie, but I am sure glad that it was. Because we don't have to worry about that the superman undershirt being un-tucked. So that was a major check off my list. Then the next week I found the tie as a deal on for $8.99. That same week my neice & J were playing with some of the 3D glasses they give you at the movie theatre. They were a perfect fit on him with no lenses and he loved them. She was kind enough to let him borrow them. Seriously it was fate that I was just happening to find all these things at a great deal!

DIY- Clark Kent Costume
He was not very happy when we were putting him together, but as soon as he put those glasses on everything changed. Here is our Clark Kent all put together Halloween morning for daycare.

At Grammy's getting ready to trick or treat!! 
Can you tell he is SUPER excited!!
Got his 1st piece of candy! SCORE!
  At the Fall Festival. Checking out some games.
 Got a quick pic with me and my Superman!
Family Pic with the Man of Steel!

We were so proud of Jett on how he did. He was such a trooper during trick or treat. He was wearing a long-sleeved onesie, long sleeved button up shirt and pants and it was in the high 70s and humid. Oh and the most important part he kept his glasses on the whole time. Even when they were sliding down his cute little button nose. He never complained. He received a ton of compliments on his costume. I would recommend this for any toddler looking for something inexpensive and cute!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Deco Mesh Fall Wreath...let's get crafty!

I haven't blogged a craft post in sooooo long! Before I had Jett and when he had more naps I was able to do more craft projects and do them fairly quickly. Now a simple craft project takes me weeks or I just forget about the project and just let it just sit there for months. Perfect example Jett's first year scrapbook. I am only on month 4 and he is 20 months right now....I know I am terrible.

As we all know Pinterest is like a drug EXTREMELY addicting. I am practically on Pinterest everyday pinning new recipes, activities that J can do, diy stuff, home inspirations, etc. I have a million pins on all these DIY projects I want to do (you can see them here) . Maybe one day I can do my dreams.

I love the fall because that means all the holidays are right around the corner. I love to decorate especially for Christmas. Here in Houston there is a huge Christmas event in November at Reliant Center called the "Nutcracker Market." It is uhmazing! Great place to get some inspiration. They have Christmas decor, food gifts, home decor, kids clothes, etc. It's a lot of fun. Whenever I go they have beautiful ornate wreaths, which cost hundreds of dollars that I couldn't get myself to buy. So when I saw this pin on pinterest from a friends wall I was very motivated to try it out.

I decided I was going to do a test run with a Fall wreath and then do a Christmas wreath after I tried doing this one. I am so glad I did because I know what to and not to do now. Below are the supplies you need.

  • 1 roll of deco mesh ( I bought mine at Hobby Lobby 40% off in the fall section, You can buy it here from
  • 1 work wreath (buy it here from didn't do this, but it will work so much better)
  • 1 wide roll of wired edged ribbon
  • Several picks/sprigs, small pumpkins, etc. (Got mine at Michael's 40% off)
  • Hot glue gun
  • floral wiring (optional)

I had watched several videos on YouTube before attempting the wreath. I didn't take pictures of the whole project I did, but here are the videos I watched that were quite helpful in making my first wreath

Very Helpful Videos

 (I love the things that this blogger (PrettifyYourLife) does on her youtube videos and blog. She does some cute stuff!)

Tips on the Wreath:
  • BUY the work wreath from the website I recommended. I did not do this. I just bought a wired wreath in the floral area at Hobby Lobby then I added some old garland that I cut up. I added them randomly on the wreath. So they were not as secure as I wanted and even and the garland I had was really thick so it was harder for me to tie the mesh and ribbon when I was wrapping it around the wreath. 
  •  You MUST get the wired edge ribbon and get the widest one there is to put around the wreath. It is much easier to shape and work with. I originally just picked up a regular sheer orange ribbon, but it did not form well at all. After trial and error I finally got the ribbon I liked. Needless to say I now after this project tons of fall colored ribbon.
  • When adding the sprigs/picks or embellisments hang your wreath so you can see how it hangs on the wreath. Since it is mesh you might have to hot glue it to several layers of the mesh so it is not dangling off the mesh. I did not glue my sprigs I just inserted & threaded them in the back of the wire wreath and tied them down with some floral wiring. A youtube video I saw recommended pull ties, but it just didn't work with what I had.
Here is the final result of my Fall wreath hanging on our door. I can't wait to make my Christmas wreath!


Friday, July 27, 2012

This is me coping & grieving....

I have used my blog once before to vent, but never too grieve. I feel like this is the best time and outlet to help me do this at the moment. I need this to help me cope with my emotions I am experiencing right now. Well I hope it helps. Just a heads up this post is about my two failed pregnancies this past year.

The 5 worst dates of my life of 2012.....

February 15, 2012: We were so excited about this pregnancy. We had taken Clomid again and gotten pregnant on the first try like we did with J. We felt truly blessed and was thrilled about our 2nd baby and for our son to be a big brother! We even announced before the weekend of this date at our son's 1st birthday party that we were expecting baby #2. BIG MISTAKE.
I would be about 8 weeks at this point. On this date we went in for our first ultrasound. There was nothing in the gestational sac. No fetal pole, no yolk, no nothing. It was completely empty. I had what they call a "blighted ovum." I had all the pregnancy symptoms, but no fetus. My doctor recommended that I have a D&C. I agreed. I didn't think I would pass it naturally. I had no signs anytime soon that it would. I just didn't want to feel pregnant anymore and I didn't want to wait. Impatient I know, but it was devastating to have your body feeling pregnant, but with no baby growing in you.

I felt my heart had torn into little pieces.  I truly felt as if I was the worst mother in the world to use my son's birthday party to make the announcement. I was heartbroken. I cried and wept for days. I was embarrassed and ashamed with myself. Holding my baby tight every moment that I could was the best therapy. I am so thankful to God that I have such a beautiful perfect little boy.

When we preregistered at the hospital I found out that having the D&C would cost more than actually having a baby at the hospital. I was crushed again. Another bawling session for me. Luckily even though we told alot of people. We had a terrific support system for us. I couldn't have gone through it with out everyone and especially my incredible husband. We felt the love.

February 19, 2012: I had a D&C done. I was told I couldn't hold my son because he was over the weight limit for me to carry anything. I was depressed. I just wanted to hold my pride and joy. Terrible.

June 18, 2012:  We are pregnant for a 3rd time, but this time with out any fertility help. We were in shock that it actually had happened. We never thought it could. We were excited, but nervous because of what had happen the previous pregnancy. We had one ultrasound he saw something there this time fetal pole, yolk sac, and even a little flicker of a heartbeat. I asked how far along he thought I was about 5 weeks. I was shocked because I thought I was about 7 weeks. Things were just not adding up to me. He wanted us back in 2 weeks to hear the heartbeat. We decided to tell just our parents about the pregnancy until we were in the clear. We missed the 2 week appointment because of bad weather. I was very upset. I wanted to go to our trip with happy news. I had a deep gut feeling something was wrong.

On this date we landed in the Seattle for our week long vacation to see my family and for my stepsister's wedding. I had gone to the restroom and found I was spotting. My heart dropped. This can not be happening again. Something is definitely wrong. This is just your normal spotting. The spotting became heavier and heavier each day. I know deep inside what was probably going to happen.

June 22, 2012: As soon as we got back to my parents we rushed to the ER in Puyallap. The ER doctor performed a pelvic exam. My cervix was closed and didn't see any tissue. Good signs. My levels were high. We were hoping for the best, but didn't have super high hopes. We were preparing ourselves for the worst. We finally got in for an ultrasound after several hours of waiting. This was the longest ultrasound I had every done. I was shaking and trembling because I was cold and extremely anxious. The tech wasn't talking. I knew we were going to get bad news. I finally asked, "Do you see a heartbeat?" She said, "No."

The ultrasound tech left. Mike and I were in the cold room alone. He hugged me and gave me a kiss. Told me he loved me and when I was ready to talk he was there. Also, that I didn't do anything wrong. He loved me so much. I broke down.

The ER doctor told us I was measuring about 7 weeks and a heartbeat could not be found. I should have been at least 10 weeks. All these different numbers with my doctor's and ER's was just running through my mind. I didn't know what to believe.

I've been pregnant twice in 6 months. I've had two failed pregnancies. I felt like a complete failure. The plan was only to be pregnant 3 times to have 3 beautiful children. Not be pregnant 3+ times and have 1 child. I know it wasn't my fault, but how can I be so sure. Maybe my body was working overtime with all the traveling plus I was sick as a dog. Why is this happening again? It was a miracle that we were pregnant this time because we didn't have help. It was the grace of God. This was suppose to work. This was my strong bean. It was going to make it through and be a strong child. Why did it have to end? Why? I actually believe in miracles. Why wasn't this a miracle? This situation just sucked!

June 24, 2012: We decided to go shopping. I felt terrible. My cramping was uncomfortable, but tolerable. I felt very sore and could not walk or stand for a long period of time. Or even a short period of time. We went to lunch and I felt lousy. I started to walk to our car and I felt a gush. I yelled, "I think it is happening." We went straight home. We we got home I went to straight to the restroom. I felt & saw it pass. I physically felt better immediately. The pressure and pain had subsided some. I laid down for a few minutes. I cried that I just lost my baby, my "strong" bean is gone. My hopeful miracle is no more.
Each pregnancy has changed me as a person. Not for the bad, but for the better. With that I've experienced and felt a range of emotions these past 6 months. I've felt happiness, sadness, anger, embarassment, numbess, guilt and love. I truly believe God's does things in our lives for a reason. Even though we don't know why he is doing what he does. It is all part of his plan. I just have to remember that. Although the outcomes did not turn out the way we wanted them to be it could be a lot worse. My heart still hurts and I still feel like a failure at times. I am not going to sugar coat that. It is what it is. I just need to continue to believe it will happen. Our family will grow as God had planned it....his way.

Now I will go enjoy a drink this weekend, eat sushi, and watch my beautiful son grow! Thanks for reading and letting me get this out.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jett's Airplane 1st Birthday Party & Dol Janchi!

We all know your child's 1st birthday is such a huge milestone. In Korean cultures it is HUGE! They rent out huge reception halls and invites hundreds of people to the child's "dol-janchi" aka "1st birthday party event." So when I began planning Jett's party I knew it needed to be very memorable. Your child only turns 1 once. I know I know.....I had people tell me numerous times that he won't remember the  party so why make a big deal. Does it really matter if they don't remember it? He will love it at the present time and that's really what matters. Also, I wanted Jett to know and see in pictures in the future that his 1st birthday was not just not any ole birthday. He celebrated a great milestone and honored his Korean customs for a 1st birthday.

A little back story.......Many people think the reason why we named our son, Jett, was because we are jet plane enthusiast. Incorrect. The name originated from Jett's Grammy, Jeanette. We shorten her name to Jett. We loved the name....oh so cool. So I thought when planning Jett's party even though we didn't name him for our love of aviation (<------ sarcasm) what perfect theme for his 1st birthday party would be an "airplane" theme. Tee Hee. Fabulouso!!

So my researched began late fall of 2011 of ideas for the airplane themed party. Oh so many ideas, but I didn't want to break the bank doing it. Most "Dol-Janchi's" are very elaborate with a big set up of elaborate fruit & candy art surrounding a head table. I didn't want to go that extreme with it because I really want to stick to the airplane theme. So I decided like the wedding to take on quite a bit of DIY to save on $$ and so it is more personal/custom. Then a huge break through happen during my research... I discovered PINTEREST (my board for Jett's party)!! Gosh my research was getting pretty intense once I discovered this incredible site. I wanted to do so much, but I am only 1 person.

Location Location Location
First things first was we had to find a location for the party. Our home was out of the question we were doing major renovations and our guest list was becoming crazy long so I didn't want to do it at anyone's home either. What a hassle! All the cleaning afterwards...ugh I couldn't imagine! So I was on the hunt for an affordable location. I wanted to find a location that would fit our airplane them so I googled the local private airport, Hook's Airport, near our home and I hit the jackpot (well the event planning jackpot) they had a restaurant, Aviator's Grill, that their decor was old school comic book theme. The best part was they were SUPER affordable. It was beyond what I was looking for. Just PERFECT!

I booked the awesome location in November..... yes for a February birthday. Everyone thought I was crazy booking so early. First of all I had reasons: 1) I am a major planner 2) the busiest time of the year for the company I work for is right around Jett's birthday so I knew I needed to start early with planning and 3) I had to work little by little within those months because we were renovating & all the holidays were going on. Once January hit I knew I had no time. So I had to start in November for my sanity. Alright enough for my little vent of booking so least I didn't book 11 months early. ha!

Invitations & Decor
I started my DIY projects very early on as I mentioned for my sanity. I found a great etsy seller who created the graphics for Jett's party. The colors and the graphics matched perfectly to the theme. I had her change a couple of things to fit our big boy's party.

The Boarding Pass invitation! Printed on 100lb matte card stock that I bought at Walmart for only $5. Such a steal! 3 were printed on the page and I cut them out individually. I then placed them in "Airmail" envelopes that purchased on Amazon. I addressed them: Passengers: Name & Address

(I discovered after I made all the changes with the etsy seller that the flight number was spelled wrong so I went in to Microsoft Publisher and change it...totally oops moment when I proof this).

In the package that I purchased from the etsy seller it had a ton of stuff (cupcake toppers, party hats, thank you cards, signs, luggage tags, graphic paper, large circles, bubble wraps, banners, mini high chair banner etc). Some of them I had to tweak through Microsoft Publisher to get it the way I wanted it. It all turned out great!

Enough of my jibber jabber I will let the photos speak for themselves of everything we did to prepare for our child's 1st birthday!

Marshmallow pops. I made these the night prior.
Inflight Snacks

Favor Bags: Candy, Gliders, Push Cake Pops

Candy Airplane: Rubber band, lifesavers, sweet tarts, laffy taffy or mini jolly rancher packet

Printed on construction paper airplane paper designs on where to fold
Activities found online
My ecstatic Birthday Boy!!

Jett's Dol-Jabi Event
At a "dol-janchi" the most popular custom/event that takes place is the "dol-jabi" (translation: first grab). It's where the child is placed in front of a table of objects that each symbolize something such as string (long life), pencil (scholar), brushes (artist), rice (never go hungry), etc. The child is then urged to pick up an object from the table. It is believed the one selected will foretell the child's future. With today's culture some parents put more relevant items to our time period ex: stethoscope (doctor), gavel (lawyer), golf ball (athlete)

So for Jett's Dol-Jabi we had these items for him: Soccer Ball (athlete), Pencil (scholar), Microphone (entertainer), Thread (long life), Aggie Ring (Texas A&M graduate...just like mommy and daddy), Money (wealth).

Just for fun so everyone can participate in the event. I created in microsoft publisher raffle tickets. Guest would guess what item Jett would select. They would tear off the smaller number & put it in the jar marked the item they thought he would pick. They would win a prize ($25 Target gift card) from the raffle. 

Jett was dressed in his 1st hanbok. The traditional Korean attire. I was very nervous he would tear his clothes off and soon and I put them on him, but he actually like it. How cute is he in his little outfit? We got alot of ohhh's & awwww's at the party.

Here is figuring out what to reach for.........what shall I choose???
He reached for the ring first then pulled back and chose the soccer ball!!! Yay our little athlete.
Then he got a second try and went back towards the Aggie Ring and finally picked it up. So we have an Aggie Athlete! WHOOP!

Let's Fly A Plane!
After all the events & activities indoors. One of the onsite flight schools, American Flyers, was very kind enough to give our entire birthday group a mini tour of their facility & hangar. They had a plane that they let all the kids get in and they had a blast taking turns being pilots. The rest of the party they ran around the hangar having an awesome time.
I can't see over this thing!

 What a successful birthday!! This post would be super long (as if it wasn't long already) if I posted every thing I DIYed. If you have any questions about what I did for the party please comment and I will answer them!

Location: Aviator's Grill
Sandwiches: Aviator's Grill Catering
Bake goods: Mix It Up (push cake pops, cupcakes, & smash cake)
Cotton Candy: Flossie's
Paper Decor: Etsy seller, LaPetitepartyshoppe 
Airmail Envelopes: buy here
Airplane Personalized Bib: Spoiled Rotten Too
Birthday Hat: Etsy seller, Daintycouture
Favor Bags: Hobby Lobby
Favors: Gliders ( buy here), Push Cake Pops (Mix It Up)
Mini Luggage: buy here
Red/Blue Containers, Mini Airplanes: Target
Cloud Balloons & Airplane Napkins:
Cloud Fabric for High Chair: Hobby Lobby