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Guess: Celebrity Engagement Rings!

I love looking at celebrity engagements rings. They are sooooo eye candy! Some of course I like more than others! Here are some recent celebrity e-rings. Can you guess whose it is???? Have fun!

1. She is no more "Ugly Betty".....  
2. Is she still Paris Hilton's BFF???
3. Oh the good ole Lizzy Maguire days....

4. This American Idol crooned her way to the top! 5. Did she really kiss a girl and like it?

6. I love her fiance Jim Halpert in the office!  She is also great as the witty assistant in Devil Wears Prada.
7. This Latina was singing her way through Nine.
8. How can you not love her? She was a Fantastic Four!
9. She can hit notes like no one other and loves her butterflies!
10. This former Grey's doctor and Knocked Up star!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. America Ferrera 2. Nicole Richie 3. Hilary Duff 4. Carrie Underwood 5. Katy Perry 6. Emily Blunt 7. Penelope Cruz 8. Jessica Alba 9. Mariah Carey 10. Katherine Heigl

Whose your favorite celebrity engagement ring…

Wee Bit about me!

I saw this on the the blog Just the 2 of us....and a cat. I thought it would be fun to do!
1.If you could go on a road trip anywhere with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and where would you go? The road trip would be with my husband, Mike. We have fun making pit stops somewhere and trying new foods. Where would we go??? Hmmmmm......It would be awesome to go to Colorado or Florida. Somewhere with some beautiful scenery on the way.

2.If you were stranded on a desert island, which one person would you bring with you? Mike with some duct tape. Ha ha. J/K.

3.What's your earliest memory? I was 2 years old being dropped off at montessori school for the very first time by my mom. I just remember screaming and crying thinking why did my mom leave me here by myself. I was miserable!

4.What's the best advice you've ever received? Everything happens for a reason. (My daddy)

5.If you could have an endless supply of food, what would you get?
Korean food & cupcakes. Yum!!


Semi-DIY: Dog Beds!!

I have been really slacking on blogging lately. I need to get better. I was doing so well for a couple of weeks then everything just started to go crazy!!! We just have a lot going on in our lives right now. My parents came into town from Seattle this past weekend. So preparing for their visit was crazy.

With all the craziness a month ago I decided I wanted to get some dog beds made for our 3 furbabies. I never found anything I liked online or in the stores. And if I did they were at least $70 each (this was the cheapest) for large dog beds. This amount is INSANE when you have 3 dogs! It adds up quick! I wanted something that was soft because all 3 dogs LOVE soft cushy things. They were so uncomfortable sleeping on the laminate wood floors that they would go into our living room and sleep on the couches or on a pile of our clothes in the laundry. Such a sad sight to see.

So I went to the fabric store and found some super cute VERY SOFT zebra print (pink & blue) fabric for the top…