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My 1st Cat Walk

I was very excited when I was asked to participate for the American Cancer Society's Starlight Gala's "Our Cure" Fashion Show. This fashion show was pretty cool because more than 1/2 of the models were cancer survivors. It is amazing to hear their stories on how they overcome such a battle. All of the survivors were around my age or younger. Nuts to know that you can get cancer in your twenties. I was inspired by their strength and positive aspect of life when they come so close to near death. It is just amazing!
This was officially my first fashion show. Of course I was really nervous as I always am with everything I do that is new. I was especially terrified in getting in the swimsuits that I was too wear for the show. I was pastie pastie white! So I went to Darque Tan and got a mystic tan a couple days before. That helped a little when you see the pictures below I am still pale white you should have seen before the tan. MAN I need to get some sun...FAST! I felt sic…

Karisma Photoshoot

Below are the professional pictures from the fun Spring Collection Hair photo shoot  I blogged about that I was in a couple of weeks ago. You can check the rest of the photos on Facebook!

This one is one of my favorites! Looks like she is holding her baby!

Photography: Montage Photographers
Hair: Karisma (Suleiman)
Makeup: with Lily

Welcome to my LATE 20's

For some reason I have been dreading to say that these words out my mouth "I am in my late 20's." Technically I guess 26 would be considered late 20's, but I convinced myself for a year that 26 is really MID twenties. So very immature I know, but to me "late 20's" FINALLY meant that I am "officially" a grown up. So strange to call myself a "grown up". I feel far beyond it, but I guess I just have to come to terms with it. I am 27 in my LATE TWENTIES and it is GREAT!

I certainly haven't accomplished everything I have wanted to do at this point in my life, but then again when are you EVER going to accomplish everything you want by a certain age? NEVER! It wouldn't be called life if it always went as planned. I have always loved the quote, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans."  

My husband knew that I was having a hard time with this transition this year so he worked really hard to make my day ext…

{Wannabe Model} My Hair

The past few weeks my schedule has been completely just crazy with everything going on in my life. I barely even have time to be with my husband and our furbabies. During this hectic time I was a "wannabe model." I say "wannabe" because I am certainly no professional model at any means and for some reason I have been approached several times to do certain things. I thought it would be fun so I said yes. Who doesn't like to play with hair and makeup. So fun!

The first thing was a hair photo shoot for "Kharisma Hair Salon" a very upscale salon located in the Galleria area in Houston. I wish I could afford a haircut from there. They are sooo good. My talented photographer from Montage Photographers took the photos for the shoot. We took them at a dance studio in the Galleria area.

There was me and another model. I was the funky and edgy "flash dance" inspired model. The other model was the elegant chic ballerina. My outfit was really fun. I had…

Bridal Fashion Show: "Evening of Bridal Luxury"

I wanted to get the word out about the Fashion Show  that "Houston Brides" magazine is hosting at my favorite venue "The Bell Tower on 34th."

I have heard great things about this show and have always wanted to attended, but always found out at the last minute and never went. I know I know (shaking head) I am married now and have no reason to look at gowns or wedding stuff, buts it is like eye candy. A girl can dream for her future vow renewals 7 months to be being married... ha!  I can't wait to see the gorgeous gown. 

Below is information on the event...... HOUSTON BRIDES PRESENTS AN “EVENING OF BRIDAL LUXURY” THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 2010
Ain’t Love Grand!  Houston Brides’ “Evening of Bridal Luxury” will take place on March 25, 2010 at the Bell Tower on 34th from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.  

This event will give brides-to-be an experience that will help ease those wedding planning jitters.  The first 150 brides will receive luxury swag bags and all brides will get a chance to win…