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Jett's Airplane 1st Birthday Party & Dol Janchi!

We all know your child's 1st birthday is such a huge milestone. In Korean cultures it is HUGE! They rent out huge reception halls and invites hundreds of people to the child's "dol-janchi" aka "1st birthday party event." So when I began planning Jett's party I knew it needed to be very memorable. Your child only turns 1 once. I know I know.....I had people tell me numerous times that he won't remember the  party so why make a big deal. Does it really matter if they don't remember it? He will love it at the present time and that's really what matters. Also, I wanted Jett to know and see in pictures in the future that his 1st birthday was not just not any ole birthday. He celebrated a great milestone and honored his Korean customs for a 1st birthday.

A little back story.......Many people think the reason why we named our son, Jett, was because we are jet plane enthusiast. Incorrect. The name originated from Jett's Grammy, Jeanette. We sho…