Monday, September 20, 2010

Our DIY home renovation plans!

I probably should be posting this on my pregnancy blog, but I am have been really obsessed with renovating everything not just the baby's room. So I thought it was appropriate to put on here. :-p

We plan on redoing our floors in the main part of our home (kitchen, living room, main hallway) in preparation of our little rugrat. We are pulling linoleum, tile, & carpet! Almost everything is pulled up except the rubber tiles. Mike will be doing that since we have to melt the tile up and not scraping it up because of the chance of asbestos in the tile. We plan on staining the concrete! I fell in love with this look when I saw it at one of my good girlfriend's great room. It was amazing! I couldn't believe that the floor was concrete it was just gorgeous. Below is a pic of it from my bridal shower. You can barely see it, but you can tell it was top notch awesomeness! It looks waaaay better in person. Ever since I saw it I always noticed it more in other places. Many upscale restaurants do this and looks awesome! Very clean and chic.

We decided to stain the concrete for several reasons. (1) It looks great (2) very durable (3) easy to maintain (4) the most important one of all...very expensive to do. It will probably cost us to cover 800 sq.ft less than $200. Which is incredible considering how much area we are covering. Of course the stain  turns out differently in different areas depending on the stain takes to that part of the concrete because of the age of the concrete or what it has been exposed too.

This is the color stain we really liked....Tuscan Stone. We are going to get the Behr Concrete Dye Kit from Home Depot. Includes base color, accent color, wet look sealer, cleaner/etcher, & sprayer for $89! Can't beat that!

 Photo from:

Photo from:

These aren't the professional pictures that I got in a little booklet from home depot, but you can get the point of awesome it will look! I can't wait till we start.

Any new renovation things going on in your home?



i love stained concrete!!! one of these days when i can build my dream house we will have stained concrete! no big renovations in our house. finished the babies room & finally finished cleaning out closets. we are turning our two door car garage into a one big door two car garage, but that's about it!

also thanks to your hubby for our new mattress!! :)


I loved stained concrete!! You must post the pics of the baby's run since it is all done!! I can't wait too see it! Lucky girl with such a precious room!!

Ashley, what part of town do you live in?

He was happy to help!


Wow! stained concrete is beautiful!! I don't think I have ever noticed this look! can't wait to see your finished product =)


Cannot wait to see how this turns out! Please please please post in processp photos.


You're right, stained concrete is awesome! My wife likes to have our concrete floors stained, she prefers green hues. I agree that it's easy to maintain. I really like reading blogs featuring DIY houses design and improvement. My wife and I feel inspired every time we see "after photos". Our home remodeling project is our priority this year so we also need do it yourself house construction tips.

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I like your idea of renovation.This is good as you have choice to give your home a different look.I am planning to renovate my house so I follow some of your ideas.Thanks for helping me.

Sofia Britts

OMG! I love the stained concrete! I think this fits our kitchen's flooring! My husband and I are planning to do a renovation in our kitchen. Honestly, it's is really old and plain. Yesterday, we did budgeting for our kitchen's renovation. We will borrow money from a cash advance company in Utah because our savings is not enough for the other expenses.


I'm sure it turned out well. How about the roofs and windows? What designs did you have in mind? Would really love to see the whole nine yards. Thanks!

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