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Deco Mesh Fall Wreath...let's get crafty!

I haven't blogged a craft post in sooooo long! Before I had Jett and when he had more naps I was able to do more craft projects and do them fairly quickly. Now a simple craft project takes me weeks or I just forget about the project and just let it just sit there for months. Perfect example Jett's first year scrapbook. I am only on month 4 and he is 20 months right now....I know I am terrible.

As we all know Pinterest is like a drug EXTREMELY addicting. I am practically on Pinterest everyday pinning new recipes, activities that J can do, diy stuff, home inspirations, etc. I have a million pins on all these DIY projects I want to do (you can see them here) . Maybe one day I can do my dreams.

I love the fall because that means all the holidays are right around the corner. I love to decorate especially for Christmas. Here in Houston there is a huge Christmas event in November at Reliant Center called the "Nutcracker Market." It is uhmazing! Great place to ge…