Monday, January 18, 2010

Sad Panda....Bentley & Tree

Seems like this was the week that things were being cut. Literally!

First up was Bentley...
He is our oldest dog (4 years old). The past few months Bentley had been escaping out of ridiculous spots in the yard. He would get out through a hole the size of my fist and if you have ever seen Bentley his head is the size of bear cub. It is HUGE. Anyways he would squeeze out of places and run all over the neighborhood. And keep in mind we live on 2-1/2 acres and you would think that would be enough room to run around. However, I was told that un-neutured dogs do that because they are wandering looking for a female dog that was in heat miles away. So I decided it was finally time to get Bentley neutered. Of course my husband did not like that idea taking away Bentley's manhood. I told my husband it was the best thing for Bentley health wise for the future even though he was a very calm dog. He still was heart broken that Bentley would walk with a different swagger after Wednesday. This was his status on his facebook the night before...

"That beautiful big boy of mine is being forced into neutrality....why can't a man be a man? I can't bear the thought of the trauma he will endure tomorrow. He's been saying "tippy toe" all night long to me so when Liz wakes up to take him we may be gone to Vegas just so he can have a real fling before she kills his manhood."

So funny how guys think! I sure didn't feel that way when I took Lucy to get spade. I didn't think her womanhood was being taken away from her. I was more than happy to get her fixed.

I took Bentley to S.N.A.P.S on Wednesday morning. Their facility was awesome and the people were so friendly! I should have taken the other 2 there. I saved so much money taking Bentley there and they were so fast and efficient and it only cost us only $91 compared to over $250.

Bentley did great being around the puppies, kittens, and small dogs. He of course was the largest dog there. He was getting constant praise of house beautiful he was. I was so proud of him. So I left him at 8:30 am and I got a call at 10:00 am that my baby was doing great and he was in recovery. I left work a little early to go pick up the big boy and he was SLEEPY! Usually when he gets in the car he goes straight to the window and try to get his head out for air, but this time he was so tired he sat there and used the door as a pillow to prop his head on. I have never seen Bentley this tired. It was siooooo cute!

Bentley on our way home from his surgery. So saaad and sleepy! BTW I almost got into an accident on I-10 trying to take these pics behind me. LOL

At S.N.A.P.S they said I needed to keep the e-collar (AKA the big cone that dogs hate) on Bentley for 10-14 days so he won't lick the incision area. I have always thought it was funny to see dogs with that collar on, but it was even funnier seeing my very own dog, Bentley with the big cone head. The thing was so huge! He hated it! I think he was becoming claustrophobic. He was running into the walls. I gave him a treat and he couldn't even eat it. We put it on him before we went to bed and he just sat there very still for a good 30 minutes until we forced him to lay down. He didn't know what to do with that big thing. So sad for him, but man oh man he makes it look so good! He is so freaking cute!

He is feeling well now and his incision is healing perfectly! Hopefully he will stay in the yard and for his future health! He is sure glad we only put that cone head on him for only a few days.

Second up is the Martin pine tree...
This pine tree is one of the biggest pine trees in our yard of 50 other trees. It stands at at least over 100 feet tall and 10 ft around. We noticed in early October that it was dying from the top down and come to find the tree was dying from pine beetles that burrowed into it. Such a sad sad case. It was a gorgeous tree! We had been expecting it too be cut down for months, but the tree guy just never came out until the day I took Bentley to get cut as well. My husband I have to say has the wittiest FB statuses. This is the one he put after the tree was cut...

"So the wife cut my boy's boys off this morning and they're outside cutting down the biggest tree I have in my yard now...I'm not sure what message is being sent but I left my knife on the dresser, and put tin foil over my underwear just to be safe."

That Mike Martin is so silly. I would never do such a thing!

The tree is now laying in our yard. It looks like a beavers damn all over the yard with all the limbs, pine needles, pine cones, etc. It will take months to burn the limbs and the trunk of the tree. We started a bonfire this past Saturday and the smoke is still smoldering today...3 days later!

It certainly was a tough day for the men in the Martin household last Wednesday, January 13, 2010.


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