Monday, January 25, 2010

Here Comes the Bride Banner

When my husband and I were deciding on the wedding party we knew all the nieces & nephews wanted to participate in the wedding some how. So we had to find a role for all 7 nieces & 3 nephews. Yes...we were able to find roles for all 10 except 1 niece she was just so young.

You can only have so many flower girls and ring bearers. Since there were so many girls I decided to have a "House Party." They all had their own special role in the wedding. 1 was in charge of the guest book, 1 in charge of the programs, and 2 carried the banners down the aisle. They all felt special because they had to wear special attire, recieved gifts, & recognition in the wedding program just like the bridal party.

Many brides used the "Here Comes the Bride" banner in replace as flower girls or ring bearers. I wasn't replacing I was adding roles. For our two 10 year old nieces who were to old to be flower girl so this role was perfect for them and our wedding. We had them carry two banners.

1. "Here Comes the Bride": the girls carried right before I walked down the aisle.
2. "They Live Happily Ever After": they carried this right after we left the altar then the wedding party followed them out.

I was going to buy the painted banner, but they were very expensive from what I had seen online. Estimating over $100 per banner or more. So of course the budget bride that I am I decided to make them myself. I was inspired by Project Wedding brides who made their own custom painted aisle runners. If they can make that I can make a smaller version as a banner.

Disclaimer: this project is extremely time consuming. Took me a good 2-1/2 hours per banner.

Below are the directions on how to make the banner. My awesome mother in law helped me sew on the brown trim.

1. 2 yards of white fabric ($3.50 total)
2. Acrylic Paint (blue) ($0.67)
3. Thin paint brush ($3.99-you can find them cheaper I just didn't want the hairs to fall out on the banner)
4. Rod (this can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe's)
5. Ribbon (Michael's or Hobby Lobby $1.99 per roll...I used 2 rolls)

1. Print out the words on separate sheets on Microsoft Word. I used Chopin ( 250 font size.
2. Align & tape the sheets of paper together on a flat surface
3. Place the fabric (I used 1 yard for each banner) over the sheets of paper.
4. Trace with pencil
5. Paint and fill the tracing
6. Hot Glue, Hem iron on, or sew brown ribbon on the edges.

(prior to ribbon edge sewn on)

The Finished Product!


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You guys have very different and creative ideas..i like them..Materials and instructions given are very useful..but i wanna doesnt it cost more than doing it on one banner rather on different banners..i like the concept and representation

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