Monday, January 18, 2010

DIY-Chic, but Simple Hydrangea Centerpiece

I believe the hydrangea is one of the most chic flowers. It is so pure in its' delicate form with its' full blossom. Sweet, simple and elegant. I love all the variety of colors that they come in, but my favorite is the classic white.

I had always wanted hydrangeas for my centerpieces at my wedding reception. I had received quotes from florists for just 1 white jumbo hydrangea in a simple 6" glass vase for at least $40+. Yes, just for 1 stem! I thought that price was just absurd because all it was just one stem they were sticking into the vase and not a whole bushel of them. Sooooo I started to research online of brides who had DIY their centerpieces using hydrangeas and I heard from them all that it was pretty easy task. So I decided to just do 1/2 of my centerpieces with fresh white jumbo hydrangeas. Best decision I ever made! Saved me a ton of $$$.

I was going to purchase my jumbo white hydrangeas originally from Sam's Club who I have heard great things about. But I never got to see their hydrangeas in person so that made me a little nervous even though there were great reviews online and the other flowers I have seen at Sam's in person were just beautiful. My gut just wasn't saying yes to Sam's. So I did some more research and I stepped in to Hubbell and Hudson in the Woodlands. They had sitting out white jumbo hydrangeas and they were just GORGEOUS! Exactly what I wanted and for only $4 a stem! Totally beats the $40 from the florist and Sam's Club's price.

I then bought 2 stems from Hubbell & Hudson and made my trial centerpiece, wedding reception, and for a bridal show. It was super easy! Below are the steps I took to make them!

**If you are not in the Houston area I would definitely look into the Sam's Club. If I didn't run into Hubbell & Hudson I would have purchased them from Sam's

  • Jumbo white Hydrangeas
  • 6" glass vase (at ikea they are only $2.50/each)
  • polished white river stones (at Hobby Lobby $2 for 3 lbs)
  • Scissors
  • Bucket
  • Water Bottle
  • H2o
1. Cut hydrangea stems at an angle and place them in a bucket that is filled half way with room temperature water. Hydrangeas get very thirsty. You must hydrate them to bring them back to life. Also, get a water bottle and mist the petals to restore them as well.

2. Take 6" glass vase and add 6-8 polished white river stone at the bottom of the vase.

3. Add water to the 6" glass vase

4. Take 1 stem at a time and cut the the length you want the hydrangea to be in the centerpiece.

5. Place the cut step in the centerpiece and use stones at the bottom of the vase to anchor the hydrangea.

6. Keep hydrangea centerpiece in the refrigerator. They are very sensitive to heat and could wilt.

Cost per centerpiece: $7.50

My Trial Centerpiece

A centerpiece I made for the Bridal Extravaganza booth for Montage Photographers



ooooh, very very pretty!! Thanks for sharing!! =)


Thanks so much for sharing this idea and the how to directions! I was trying to figure out how to use hydrangeas for my grad party and didn't think I would be able to afford it - you just made it possible.

Liz are very welcome! It is so simple to do and looks fabulous! Good Luck!

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I am making the centerpieces for a fundraiser this month and this is what I am preparing. Thank you so much for the idea and instructions. It will save me a ton of money which then means for the NorthShore NICU. Thank you!!!


I plan on using them for the centerpiece for a large grad ceremony but im just wondering if they will stay hydrated since they arrive on fri for a sun event and i dont have room in the fridge for all the centerpieces? hmmmm any suggestions would be appreciated? i was going to keep in a bucket of water fri and arrange centerpieces sat and pray they stay fresh for that risky?

Elizabeth Martin

Anonymous...I think as long as you keep the room that flowers are in a very cool temperature you should be fine. Hydrangeas do no like heat and will wilt away if they do. good luck with everything!

Jessica Hancock

Cool! Thanks for the help! I'm trying to plan a budget wedding and this is really helpful!!
Want to follow my journey?

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