Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Card Attempt

Every year we take our Christmas card with the dogs. We always have out takes in the Christmas card of how we are trying to get the dogs under control. This year we wanted to be a little bit more silly & creative.

We tried to make an attempt of taking pictures with the dogs, but that was FAIL all over it. We take them ourselves with a timer so it is pretty difficult to do with 2 grown adults and 3 crazy dogs. Soo... we tried again today. Houston weather was great to us, but we were still having trouble with the dogs. My husband had an idea of us on a little tractor pulling a wagon full of gifts and the dogs would look like they are pulling the tractor.

Let me say this now...we would be a terrible dog sled team. They were all out of line trying to chase after squirrels. One of them was laying down because he was bored. It was all sorts of fun. So Mike and I took our regular photo and decided to photoshop the dogs the position we wanted them in. They were really hard to control. After that we took some more goofy shots. We have alot of fun taking these pics every year. We hear a lot of comments about how funny our Christmas cards are.

Thank you LORD for PHOTOSHOP! ha ha!

Here are some of the pics we used and some we didn't use in our card!


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