Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Time to remember...

Christmas, as seen in my previous post, is a dreaded time for me. However, I found this year it needs to be a time of remembrance and creating new memories for the future. So below is what I am "remembering" & the memories we created this year for 2009.

1. Always my dad.
He was a great man and I dedicate every Christmas Eve to him. By lighting a candle to remember of the wonderful man he once was. ~John G. Augustine (4.11.1937-12.24.2007)

2. My Mom.
It was always rare that I shared Christmas with her because she was always working on Christmas, but she always made my Christmases great as a child! The best story she ever told me when I was a kid was how Santa came into our home. I asked her how did Santa come into our apartment because we didn't have a fire place. She told me through the bath tub. Ha ha. I still think about it and laugh. I can't wait to share that with my children.

3. My husband.
He has always has made Christmas special for me in his own creative way. Last year he made an incredible scrap book of a 100 things of why he loved me. One of the best Christmas gifts I ever received.

Memories from 2009
1. The big one...becoming Mrs. Martin.
I can not believe we our finally married after 3-1/2 years of dating. It was a very challenging year for this day to come, but it was definitely worth it. We got a lot of compliments on how much fun our wedding was. And most importantly I finally sealed the deal with my best friend. We have officially become a family.

2. Experiencing our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Martin.
As always Mike had his special way in celebrating our first Christmas as husband and wife. As my gift he gave me a key from Tiffany's (hopefully this is not the last gift from there. LOL). He wanted to give me something that I would have for a long time to show our children what daddy gave mommy for their first Christmas. He is so thoughtful. It was the perfect Christmas!

3. Taking in our 3rd furbaby, Lucy.
Lucy was found by Mike this past May covered in fleas, bites and mange. We fell in love with her instantly because she was such a fighter living through what she lived through in the "hood" and surviving. I really didn't want to keep her. I just wanted to nurse her back to health and then find her a loving home, but we just fell in love with her and couldn't let her go. Maverick and Bentley love her so much. I love being a 3 dog house hold. Our home is so quiet when 1 is away. It's hard to believe it is quiet when there is 2, but it so is. I am not a fan when it is quiet. So glad to have the extra spunk in our home!

4. Gaining a new family.
I am so thrilled that I am officially part of Mike's family. I have the best in laws. It is exciting to be part of a big family. Now I have added to my family 1 mother, 1 father, 4 sisters, 3 brothers, 4 nieces, and 2 nephews. Mike's family has always been so welcoming and it is great to be part of such a family who just enjoys a great time with each other. I love the Christmases that last till 2 am!


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