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DIY Bouquet!

Now for my first wedding blog post....

A lot of brides are DIYing. And for a number of reasons...

#1 To save money (and yes you can save a lot of money DIYing.)
#2 Adding your own personalized touch
#3 Pride (there is alot of sense of pride knowing you accomplished such a beautiful craft you created)

I was one of these brides. I DIYed most of my things for the wedding. I did my own centerpieces for the reception (1/2 branches, 1/2 fresh jumbo hydrangeas), but not the bouquets. I thought it would be too stressful for me to do the bouquets the day before the wedding. I wanted to leave it to the professional to do that. Don't get me wrong she did a great job, but this is definitely doable to do on your own if you are up to it.

I did a bouquet for my bridals after the wedding and honestly I thought I did a better job then my florist did on my bouquet at my wedding. And it was soooo EASY!

I went to Hubbell & Hudson located in The Woodlands, TX. They are like a Whole Foods, but they have a floral department with GORGEOUS flowers. I ordered my jumbo white hydrangeas for the reception from there and they were at a great price. Less expensive then Sam's Club, which I was considering getting my hydrangeas at first. However, I saw the hydrangeas in person at Hubbell & Hudson and I fell in love. I went back there for the roses I was going to do for my bridal portraits bouquet.

Anyways back to my DIY adventure for the bouquet....

Purchased Items
Total Cost: $19
Florist Cost for the same thing: $75-$100

1. Cut the stems and let them sit in water
2. Cut the stems to length of how long you would like your bouquet.
3. Arrange stems in a circular ball pattern. Start with large center blossom and work your way around.
4. Wrap a rubber band around the stems to hold stems together
5. Wrap ribbon around stems leaving 1/2 an inch to spare at the base of bouquet
6. Insert pearl pin in ribbon to hold ribbon together
7. Keep bouquet in vase of water until use

From my Bridals with this Bouquet!


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