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I am in LOVE with our TTD pics!!

I had posted a few teasers of our TTD session a couple weeks ago! My incredible photographer posted about 20 more on facebook! I was so excited I had to share! These came out much better than I envisioned initially! We will be seeing the rest this Friday!!! Yay for TTD!!!

I loved climbing into this lifeguard tower. So fun!
I didn't get any cool veil shots on the wedding day
(because I was soo hot from the Texas August heat!). 
So I brought it out and I am glad that I did!
I am soooo short!! I need to wear my heels more often 
(wearing flip flops in this photo)
I love this one!! Just beautiful!! 
*Side mother in law made my veil. 
I love how she did it. Gorgeous!
I swear this is my nerdy laugh.....
This is more like it!
This is classic Mike!! LOL! He is a goof ball!

He is holding me tight so I won't fall down. 
These waves were strong!
I love love love this one and the one below. 
This is so us! Very playful!

I love love love how these turned out! They were so much fun! I recommend everyone doing them!!



  1. I LOVE THEM! :) they look great

  2. Those are fantastic!!! We are celebrating our anniversary at the end of this month-I so wish I could trash my dress, but my baby bump is keeping me from getting into it! :(

  3. Ashley....congrats on your anniversairy & new bundle of joy! I am so excited for you both! Maybe you can do this after the baby (several months after of course ;-). What a way to celebrate that with TTD!! So much fun! If not a family portrait on the beach won't be a bad idea either ;-)

  4. they are beautiful!!
    I even showed them to DH!


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