Friday, May 28, 2010

Our TTD Teasers!!

We finally did our Trash the Dress session! We did it this past Sunday morning in Galveston, TX. It is about 45 minutes from Houston. Not the prettiest beach, but hey it works!

We went to the Sea Wall and found a great spot that we thought were great photo opportunities (jetties, lifeguard stands, under buildings, etc.). We didn't want to drive all over the place. I have to say...I was so proud of myself! I did my own hair and makeup (I really wanted to get it done, but time didn't permit.) It turned out great! Then I maneuver somehow into my wedding dress in the back of our truck! Lots and twist and turns to make that happen by myself. My photographer and husband were amazed when they came back to the truck and I was fully dressed and zipped up!

We had a ton of fun! I always wanted to do a couple TTD session and not just session by myself; nothing wrong with doing the TTD by your self. I just wanted to share this experience with my hubby. Also, I think TTD sessions with your husband are soooo romantic and another excuse to have some beautiful portraits as a couple.

Weather was great! Had an awesome breeze and water nice. We did some cool shots with my cathedral veil & blue shoes since I didn't get a whole lot of photos of them at the wedding. Perfect time to get some shots I wanted without the rush of a wedding!!

We didn't get into the water till the very end because once you are wet you are wet and you won't be wanting to do anything else. The water part was the most fun. Trying not to get fully wet was hard, but we managed to get all wet with out trying hard. All I have to say was sand was everywhere once we were done! So uncomfortable, but at least my feet were soft from the sand. :-)

Here are a few teasers of our couple TTD! Enjoy!!

This one if my favorite so far!



beautiful pictures! what a beautiful couple!


Thank you, Faith! We had a great time taking them!


These are awesome! What a great idea!


sp pretty. love that first one, looks like it could be an add in a magazine.

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