Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Etsy Find: Stamp it!!

When I was addressing all of our save the dates and invitations I thought my hand was going to FALL OFF! My right hand went into a cramp soooo many times it was terrible! I needed an ice pack at the end! No wonder people hire calligraphist or do labels!

For my though I didn't have the budget to hire a talented calligraphist and I didn't want to do labels because I didn't want people think our STD's and invites were junk mail (I invested months of tears and sweat designing those things I wasn't about to have someone mistake them as trash! NO SIR!). Personally I am more inclined to open mail that my address was handwritten.

Today's etsy find is a custom RUBBER STAMP, which I think will be a HUGE time saver with your paper products (STD, invites, thank you cards, Christmas cards, etc.). Of course you can't stamp individuals addresses, but you can stamp your own address. That will save 1/2 of the hand pain. Plus I think they look really classy and elegant.

They are sooo easy to use! To make it even look more custom you can select a ink rather then black, which could be similar to your colors.  

Here are some affordable rubber stamps from some etsy sellers.

Seller Note Trunk....

Seller lettergirl .....

These look like actual would fool me!

Seller Stamp Out Online....

Seller Custom Art Stamps ....



ugh, i so want one!


I have been holding off and getting one because we won't be staying where we live forever. I think these are all so cute!

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