Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Etsy Find: Ring Bowls

Ring bowls are becoming very popular replacing the traditional ring bearer pillow. I had my two ringer bearers carry a bowl each. One bowl said "I DO" and the other "ME TOO" with our wedding date 08.08.09.

I hate to say this because I love the idea of the ring bowls, but I think my ring bowls were poorly made because when I received them in the mail one was cracked on the back. I had the seller send me a new one of the one that cracked again. Then right before ceremony the other bowl cracked on the back. I was so upset. The seller might be better now on the quality, but I wouldn't use this seller again.

I love love the concept of the ring bowls. Because you can actually keep and use it. Unlike the ring pillow. Really...what are you going to do with that? A little nap pillow, a foot rest, baby pillow?? No clue. Just one more thing you throw away after the wedding. At least with the bowl you can use it to put your rings on when you are not wearing them or use them as an ornament. For me my dogs got a hold of 2 of the bowls and ate them. Yes you heard me right ATE THEM! I was soooo mad at them. Luckily I had one bowl left (it was cracked on the back), but at least I have one. Now it is in a safe spot from the heathens (I still love them). I think I will get some more made from a different seller to have as personal keepsake.

Here are some other great ring bowls from some Etsy sellers. NOTE: I did not include my seller because I wouldn't send you to such poor quality. However, I believe these are sellers who have good quality bowls.

Seller: Elm Studios


♥ ashley

Love the ring bowls! Thinking of getting mine from Paloma's Nest!


Thank you for the vendor suggestions! I was thinking of getting ring bowls too!

art deco ring

It is too it. I like to ring bowls. Have you designed it yourself and buy it somewhere ?

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