Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ex Husband TTD!

Yes, you heard right! I found this story posted on my girlfriend's FB. I thought this was really hilarious! An ex-husband trashing his ex's wife's dress. He wouldn't call it TTD, but 101 uses of the wedding dress. His story is on his site. That his ex wife of 12 years packed up her belongings and left behind her dress. He told her she had left it and she did not want it. He could do whatever the BLEEP he wants to do with it. So he did! Ha! He has created a blog to capture all these 101 uses of the dress. Some are crazy hilarious some are just EWWW! Here are some below. Check out his blog to see more pics, videos & detailed posts.

The blog is called....My Ex Wife's Wedding Dress

Dress Use #16: Jump Roping

Dress Use #15: Sporting Event Banner

Dress Use #14: Pasta Strainer
This is nuts! And their is a pic on his site of his actually eating this pasta!

Dress Use #10: Dog Toy
 One of my favorites!! Ha ha!

Dress Use #9: Dental Floss
This is so gross. Ewwww.

Dress Use #5: Scarecrow
Dress Use #4: Grill Cover



haha this is hilarious!

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