Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The First Look

 When my photographer told me about the First Look. My first thought was..."This man is crazy. I am not breaking tradition. That is so bad luck!" Then of course I changed my mind and I then had to convince Mike that it was the best for our big day!

What exactly is "The First Look"? This is a moment before the wedding ceremony that the bride and groom see each other for the first time in their wedding attire. Traditionally a groom is not suppose to see his bride until she walks down the aisle during the ceremony. However, these days that wedding tradition has been taken to the next level. During "The First Look" not only do you get too see each other before the big day, but gives the couple a few quiet and intimate moments alone before the I do's. With no family, bridal party, friends, etc. Just you and him and the photog :-). This also helps with the anxiety and nerves in my opinion. After the ceremony both the groom and bride are pull all sorts of directions (taking pictures, greeting guests, cutting cake, mingling, dancing, etc.) and rarely able to spend some quiet time together. This is the PERFECT time to do that!

Another great thing about "The First Look" is that your photographer and videographer are able to capture the priceless expression on both your faces when you first see each other. That is the main reason why we did it. We both wanted to capture the looks on our faces when we saw each other and the church where we had our ceremony didn't allow the photographer to be at the front of the church to get the look on my face and the groom's face. So during "The First Look" my photog and his assistant did a great job of capturing both our faces as I approached my groom and his face as I was coming up to him. Priceless!!

I hear a lot from brides, but I don't want "The First Look" to take away from the emotional moment when I walk down the aisle. Believe me it won't! I was more emotional walking down the aisle then I was during "The First Look." Yes, I cried during the "The First Look," but not like I did walking down the aisle. It didn't take away from the moment at all. It made walking down the aisle better!

One more reason why I think "The First Look" is awesome before I show our "First Look" and some others.... After "The First Look" (takes maybe 10 minutes) you and your groom can take some intimate portraits as a couple for 20 minutes afterwards. And I am sooooo glad we did. Some of the best photo ops were before the ceremony of me and my groom. Typically after the ceremony you are mostly taking photos with friends, family and bridal party. And you happen to get a few portraits of you and your new hubby hear and there.  But "The First Look" allowed us to get soooo many more. Best decision ever!

So enough babbling....Here is are our "First Look"
My groom waiting for is super hot outside this nice humid August day in Houston! ha!

Here I come.....I wanted to ruuuuuuun up to him, but I thought I would fall and hit my face.
Not so graceful as a bride if I fell. Tee Hee!

He knows I am right behind him. Click click goes my blue heels!

We are relieved! All we could do was laugh and whisper. 
Don't know why we whispered, but felt like we needed to since it was such a special moment.

One of my favorite moments captured on film (well digital film)!
I love the look on his face. I didn't want him to let go.

 We couldn't stop holding hands."What do I do with my hands!?!"
  Also, I stuck this in here just because I love the wave my ring looks here. ha!
He didn't want to kiss, but I wanted too. So we compromised with a peck. 

Us chatting after the First Look....talking about what all was going on with him that day. It was fun to hear what all he was going through besides just putting on his tux!

One of the great photos after our First Look. 
We used this for our wedding announcement in the newspaper. 

 All photos above by my INCREDIBLE photographer
Here are some other great "First Look's" 
from various photographer blogs! Enjoy!
 Sorry for so many for this photographer, but wow this photographer is an amazing destination photographer! Such great inspiration!

This is actually my sister in law, Traci!

I love this look Traci makes. Hilarious! 

Her great photographer was Clayton Austin
more awesome first look pics below from her photographer. 
I love all these vintage looks!



this post made me cry... its way too romantic


I know I love these!! So emotional!


I love these pics! Kind of makes me wish we had done a first look : )

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