Thursday, December 20, 2012

Toddler Christmas Tree Hands Artwork

I saw this cute pin on pinterest on using your little one's hands to make a Christmas tree on canvas. Thought it would be a great Christmas decor craft to display in the future.

We started off with a blank canvas that I bought on sale at Hobby Lobby. I got our Crayola hand paints and we created our background first. I wanted kind of have a sunset look ombre style. Ha ha! I know...a little much, but it would add some much character to it. So I squirted yellow and red on the canvas and Jett mixed all the colors on the canvass. He loved this part. He got to spread it all over the canvas. We let that dry for a day and went on to make the tree.

I got a pencil and drew a triangle of the size of the tree we wanted. So we could use it as a guide. Well this part didn't happen as I planned. I squirted green paint on a plate and got Jett to cover his hand in the paint. I only got one hand print on the canvass. Jett doesn't like when I control his hands to make shapes. He wanted to do it HIS way. I gave up on that inspiration of the cute hand printed Christmas tree. So I just guided him certain areas on which he should hit the canvas. He had a blast with this because he would hit the canvass like it was a drum. He was so excited!! I was going to go back and have him use his fingers prints to make the ornaments, but I knew that was not going to happen.

He thought it was a great idea to cover his face with paint after he was done. Silly kid.

Later Mike painted the yellow star on top of the tree. I would recommend acrylic paint for this because the Crayola hand paint doesn't really stand out. I think it turned out pretty great considering working with a stubborn independent toddler artist. It is pretty abstract.I love it. It is so Jett!

Non Toxic Paint (if you are working with a Toddler) red, yellow, green
Paint brush



Honestly, I think it turned out better than the picture that you used for inspiration!

Elizabeth Martin

@Diana....Thank you so much. After looking at it more. I agree with you. I like J's version better. :-)

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