Sunday, December 2, 2012

Teacher or Parent Candy Bar card

For J's daycare provider birthday I wanted to get her something personalized from Jett. I didn't have any ideas at the time nothing really screamed this is the gift on pinterest. However, on facebook one of my friends she had recieved this candy bar card from one of her students. Such an awesome idea. So creative and meaningful. So I was searching on pinterest for examples for wording for a card. There was not a ton so I had to combine a couple of cards I found to what fit for Jett's daycare provider.

I first wrote out my card on a piece of paper and made a list of the candy I needed. Searching for the candy was a tad challenging. I went to the my local pharmacy near where I work. I had to go to 2 different ones (CVS & Walgreens). I found most of the stuff I needed from Walgreens. I also picked up my poster board from there too.

Poster board
Tape or Hot Glue Gun

Extra Gum
100 Grand
York Peppermint Patty
Almond Joy

Maria loved the card. You can definetly put more on there. This is just what I put for this particular card. This would be fun to do for a family member too. Below is the actual text of the card we wrote.

"Ms. Maria,
Happy Birthday! I wanted to get you something EXTRA special on your birthdaay! I was going to give you 100 GRAND or a trip to New YORK, but the $ for your big WHOPP ing gift slipped out of my BUTTERFINGER s. I just wanted to let you know I SKOR ed having you as my teacher. You are my LIFESAVER during lunch and snack time. Thank you for all your do for me. I wish you lots of JOY on your birthday. Love, Jett"


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