Saturday, March 6, 2010

{Wannabe Model} My Hair

The past few weeks my schedule has been completely just crazy with everything going on in my life. I barely even have time to be with my husband and our furbabies. During this hectic time I was a "wannabe model." I say "wannabe" because I am certainly no professional model at any means and for some reason I have been approached several times to do certain things. I thought it would be fun so I said yes. Who doesn't like to play with hair and makeup. So fun!

The first thing was a hair photo shoot for "Kharisma Hair Salon" a very upscale salon located in the Galleria area in Houston. I wish I could afford a haircut from there. They are sooo good. My talented photographer from Montage Photographers took the photos for the shoot. We took them at a dance studio in the Galleria area.

There was me and another model. I was the funky and edgy "flash dance" inspired model. The other model was the elegant chic ballerina. My outfit was really fun. I had worn black leggings, black cami, pink leg warmers, & a yellow knit top that hung off my shoulder. My hair was crazy big. It was really cool. The neatest part was how he got it so big. The whole process was fun to watch. He used zip ties to hold my hair up. Yes, zip ties! Never ever thought in a my life that I would wear zip ties in my hair. Mike was freaking out when I got home when I asked him to cut the zip ties out my hair. He was scared he was going to chop my hair off. ha!

The makeup was really awesome too. The makeup artist did a heavy airbrush makeup and warm brown eyes. I got to wear fake eyelashes again. I have to say she was awesome putting them on. I didn't even notice they were there! I loved them! I wished my eyelashes were really that long or I could wear fake ones all the time! I feel so pretty with them on.

When we got to the dance studio I was very nervous because if you know me in real life I have 0% percent flexible. I can barely touch my shins! And I was expected to do leaps and these elongated poses. The other model just my luck was a actual ballerina in the past. So I was really intimidated because I couldn't do any of that cool stuff she was doing. The only thing going for me was my cool hair do. The music started to play and we had fun. I have a great time at photo shoots, but I get so tired after wards because of the long day. Below are some pics I took of the make up and the front of the crazy hair. I will post the pro pics when I get them next week.





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