Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My 1st Cat Walk

I was very excited when I was asked to participate for the American Cancer Society's Starlight Gala's "Our Cure" Fashion Show. This fashion show was pretty cool because more than 1/2 of the models were cancer survivors. It is amazing to hear their stories on how they overcome such a battle. All of the survivors were around my age or younger. Nuts to know that you can get cancer in your twenties. I was inspired by their strength and positive aspect of life when they come so close to near death. It is just amazing!

This was officially my first fashion show. Of course I was really nervous as I always am with everything I do that is new. I was especially terrified in getting in the swimsuits that I was too wear for the show. I was pastie pastie white! So I went to Darque Tan and got a mystic tan a couple days before. That helped a little when you see the pictures below I am still pale white you should have seen before the tan. MAN I need to get some sun...FAST! I felt sick to my stomach before the show because I was soooo nervous about the swimwear. Once it got down to it the show was a lot of fun. Mike even surprised me by showing up and watching me. I was so excited to see him after the show. What a supportive husband!

2nd outfit change with M2M

2nd swimsuit change
The show was held at the Alden Hotel, which is a very sleek modern hotel located Downtown Houston. Clothes provided by M2M, which I LOVED LOVED their outfits I am going to have to go back and shop for my own stuff. Swimwear provided by Zingaras with some incredible swimsuits. Hair by Damsels & Blokes...I an so glad I found out about them because they are located near where I live and I can go there now. Super excited! Makeup by Stream Cosmetics.  Photography from the awesome Montage Photographers.



looks great! :)

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