Sunday, February 21, 2010

Inspiration: From Bell Tower Open House

You can never get enough inspiration for wedding decor! Here are some photos from the Open House at the Bell Tower on 34th this past week. There were numerous vendors at the open house, but one of my all time FAVES that I always drool over their work was "Darryl & Co." They have some of the most over the top gorgeous decor! It's amazing what they can create!

In this particular room last fall he had a peacock theme and it was drop dead gorgeous! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera then. This time I did not forget my camera and I definitely was not let down. The romantic rich reds he used was sooooo stunning!!

 Walking into this room it was amazing. The lighting on the walls brought a touch of elegance!
 I loved the red balls of roses! These things were HUGE!! My favorite part was the crystals hanging at the end of the string of petals! DROOL!

Above this large room was another room up in the balcony that Darryl & Co. had transformed it into a modern ceremony site. So chic! I LUVED!!

How cool are the crystal lamps and lightning down the aisle!

I love just the simplicity of white roses. So elegant!

They also incorporated carnations, which typically I am not too fond of because it looks cheap. However, I think they did an excellent job with that flower too make it a contemporary sophisticated look! This is totally not your middle school carnation where they dip it in dye and turns colors for $1. Ha!

Hope you like the reception decor ideas from the Open House! More to come in future blogs!





wow. talk about drool worthy peices! Ahhh, I so wish I was there! You lucky gal! ;)


The white flowers paired with the lucite is incredible!!

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Wow! This is wonderful work you are doing. I really love your idea. The red color roses are my favorite. These flowers surely fill your mood with happiness and energy. You are tremendous in decor work. Thanks.

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