Thursday, February 11, 2010

Celebrity Wedding: Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom

I love looking at celebrity weddings as inspiration. Since most of their weddings are just over the top crazy awesome! When I heard that Khloe Kardashian was planning her wedding in less than 10 days. I thought she was crazy! A wedding for 250 and being a black tie affair could not be pulled off that quick and still be what you want as a bride. Well I was totally WRONG! I have to say Khloe and her mom did an amazing job! This was no shot gun wedding! It was one of the most beautiful celebrity weddings I have seen!

The wedding was held of the home of a family friend, music mogul Irving Azoff, in Los Angeles. Note to self....find a long lost family friend to hold a big party at their colossal mansion a castle would work too...that is the waay to do it!

I was anticipating to see what kind of dress Khloe would picked out and she didn't let me down. She chose a drop dead gorgeous tiered strapless Vera Wang gown with a lavender detailed accented sash. The sash was a beautiful way to bring the dress together. Just BREATHTAKING!!

I loved how she wore her hair. Very much her style of wearing it down and wavy. So romantic....

Her veil was a 2 tiered cathedral length with a tiara. Not a fan of the tiara, but I love the veil it self.


Khloe's color palette was elegant and chic! Fitted her style and her bridal party. I wished I would have used that gorgeous shades of purple!

Her bling is just to die for! 9 carat e-ring with a pave band! Drool...

One of my favorite pictures....I am a sucker for father of the bride things. Khloe being given away by Bruce Jenner. Bruce looks so genuinely happy for them both

Gorgeous ceremony site. Full with all white roses and flowers. I couldn't imagine how strong the fragrant would be with all those flowers. looks amazing! I wonder how much just her floral budget was??

The happy couple just after being hitched! This is the best feeling ever! Finally knowing that you are husband and wife!
After the ceremony "I do's" the couple had a Hollywood club themed reception in a tent with mirrors, white carpeting, white draping, chandeliers. Paartay!

I know Khloe changed a couple of times out of her beautiful Vera Wang gown into something that was more appropriate for the Hollywood club themed reception. I am not sure who made the dress, but the purple track suit were Juicy Couture that she gave her bridal party as well. Embroidered on the back was Mr. & Mrs. Odom.

For more images from Khloe & Lamar's wedding go to OK! Magazine





I LOVE Your Pictures, You & Lamar Make The PERFECT Couple(x

vintage ring

They both are looking great. The ring is very pretty. It must be quiet very precious.

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