Monday, November 3, 2014

Stone's 1st Birthday: Vintage County Fair & Dol Janchi

This post is extremely late. It has been insane the past couple of months. Better late than never to share what I did for Stone's 1st birthday party.

As usual I starting brainstorming an idea for Stone's 1st birthday party many months prior to the big day. I knew I wanted to go all out like I did for Jett's 1st birthday, but I wanted to do it at home this time. In doing this I can accomplish what I really I want. And I have all the control in the world. Ha ha! (evil event planning laugh). No, but really it's nice not having restrictions and everything being right there.

At first I was going to do a Circus theme, but I DO NOT like clowns at all so that wasn't going to happen (the movie "It" ruined me for life). Then we met this amazing balloon artist at our favorite local Mexican restaurant and I knew I wanted to use her for his birthday. The idea then popped into my head to do a Vintage County Fair.  I had the perfect outfit for him to wear. Swoon!

This party to was a labor of love. With many months of planning and preparation. Mainly because now that I have 2 little ones and working full time there was never extra time to do anything. Little by little with the help of Mike and Jett we made Stone's County Fair!

I designed all the paper products (invitations, banners, dol-jabi raffle)
I forgot to take a picture of this sign when we had it up. This was in front of our neighborhood directing to Stone's Fair!

Entry at our home. We had more balloons, but the hot August heat in Texas brought most of them down. The best photo I can get.
Stone's Dol-Jabi Raffle table. More on what a Dol-Jabi is from Jett's 1st Birthday!

Used baby jars and modge podge this little graphics with scrapbook paper onto them

Stone's Guest Book. We did the same thing for Jett's 1st Birthday!

All the dessert. Yummy! Made by the incredible Sweet D.light!

Put up photos of Stone through out the year. Including his month to month photos.

We served hamburger sliders, hot dogs, corn on the cob, sausage a stick

Popcorn, chips, cotton candy, watermelon

We created these sign games with old fence slats. 

  • Tin Can Throw: Old baby formula cans wrapper in scrapbook paper
  • Ring Toss: Used an old coke crate with old coke bottles (they were Mike's grandfather's). Rings purchased from Smaller the rings harder the game is.
  • Skee Ball: An old game that was in the family
  • Washers: a gift from Mike's friend years ago
  • Cornholes: A game we borrowed from a friend
  • Ball Pit: A blow up pool with plastic balls for the little ones (photo not shown)

My sweet drooly birthday boy.

My mother in law made the cute bib.
The incredible balloon artist. She could make anything!

Jett shooting his big cousin down.

We had games like skee ball, corn holes, washers, tin can throw, ring toss

Now onto Stone's Dol-Jabi! (Jett's Dol-Jabi)

He was eyeing the ball. 

He was so proud of himself! He chose the ball! Our little athlete! Just like his big brother.

Yeah!! He chose money!! 

He didn't eat the cake, but he sure did love playing in the cake!
I didn't get a great picture of the inside of the cake, but it was blue and red! So awesome!

Opening his awesome gifts! He did really well considering how many people were there. The most fun for him was his in all this tissue paper.  :-)

Happy Birthday Stone!!!!! We love you!!!

Location: Our Home
Food: Hamburger Sliders, Sausage On a Stick, Corn on the Cob, Chips, Watermelon
Bake goods: Sweet D.Light  (cupcakes, cookies, rice krispie treats & smash cake)
Cotton Candy: Flossie's
Paper Decor: Me 
Invitation Envelopes: Hobby Lobby
Personalized Bib: Mother In Law
Birthday Hat: Etsy seller, Daintycouture
Favor Bags: Hobby Lobby
Prize Favors: Toys, candy, stickers, etc. 
Red/Blue Containers: Michael's ... July 4th items marked down
Fabric for High Chair: Hobby Lobby


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