Monday, March 18, 2013

I've got some news....

It has been quite a while since I post last. Lots has happened. I know I promised I would blog more, but all the recent events that have taken place the past few months it took me away from trying to blog like I wanted.

First piece of news.... After a sad as you know year with 2 losses. God has blessed us and we are pregnant with our Miracle Baby #2!!! You can read more about my pregnancy on my pregnancy blog. "10 Little Baby Toes."

Second Piece of News.... We are bought a house! We are building our very 1st home. We can't wait to move in!! Better schools, better area, better just about everything.

After we signed our contract!

Our home as of 3/17/13...Getting ready for some sheetrock
Third Piece of News... My sweet baby boy. Turned 2!! We did a tractor themed party at home. Which I started to write the draft post about. Just editing photos to post soon.

Thank you to my readers, friends & family. For being so patience with me on my blogging. :-)



So excited for miracle baby #2 Liz! That's awesome news and God is SOOOOOO Good! -Lissi

Elizabeth Martin

Aw...Thanks Lissette! We are super excited. You are so right. God IS GOOD!!

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