Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Get Geared Up for Jett's 2nd Birthday! Tractor Party!

For Jett's 2nd birthday. I wanted it to be a little bit more low key compared to his 1st birthday party. I still wanted some type of theme. Because I just love planning things like this where I can DIY.

Jett is really into airplanes now....wished I did the airplane party this year rather than last year. But didn't want to do something twice in a row. Maybe another year. Soooo the next best thing. Tractors!!! At our home we have a big John Deere tractor. Every time Jett sees it he yells, "TRACTAAA!" So tractor theme party it was. Another reason for this theme was around Christmas time we also decided to get Jet the Peg Pegero tractor as a birthday gift so it fit right in with the theme. I think it is interesting where your inspiration comes from for a birthday party theme. Last year it was his name. This year a gift/obsession with tractors.

So how did I make it more low key??

1. I invited half as many people. The year before our invited list had over 50 people. This year I only invited about 20 people.

2. Took place at our home. I feel like you get a more laid back atmosphere when it takes place at the home.

3. Less food.....sort of. I did less pastries let's just say.

4. Not a ton of activities. The year before I had a lot of things for the kids to do, but this year I just wanted everyone just to eat and hang out. I did have one activity ready just encase the kids got bored. We didn't need it. Everyone had a good time being with each other.

This birthday was really special. Jett kind of understood it was his birthday more this year. So opening gifts and seeing his expression was so much fun. He really is the best gift receiver. Every gift he gets it is a "Oh WOW!" moment. Also, this was the 1st and last birthday party we will have for Jett here. We will be moving to our new home in May to make new memories. Very bittersweet. My baby is growing up! Tear.

I still DIYed most of the things for his birthday minus the cake, cookies, & sandwiches. I didn't go all out this time, but it was enough to give it the custom look I wanted to achieve.

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Early morning on Jett's birthday. He woke up to a room full of streamers.
He had a blast breaking through this streamer door!
Please excuse the unfinished kitchen. ;)

Cupcakes by Timtations. Cupcake toppers by your very own blogger!

Smash cake by Timtations.

Cookies Timtations.

Party favors. Of gummy worms & chocolate chips. 

My little guy excited too see the big tractor!

Wants to blow out his candle as soon as it was lit. 

Unveiling his big gift!

And birthday flowers to me. For having our precious blessing 2 years ago. From the men in my life. 



Is that... a ..... dishwasher in that kitchen?

Great job on the party. You're so good at this sort of thing!

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