Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mama Martin's Maternity Session

I had posted this on my pregnancy blog, but wanted to post on my regular blog about this session!

We had our maternity session taken when I was 36 weeks. I wanted to get my belly as big as possible to take these pictures. I didn't want the typical studio maternity session showing off bare belly. I wanted something that looked like a piece of art that we can hang around the house. Plus I was super self conscious of showing my bare belly. I just did not like showing off the line that was going down the middle of my belly. So I told my awesome wedding photographer, Montage Photographers, my vision on what I was looking for and he totally delivered!!

The weather was not very ideal. There wasn't any sun light and mainly it just very cloudy. Luckily there was no rain. Thank goodness! I really want to take pictures in an open field. We found a development behind Old Town Spring. There were some gorgeous houses back there, but there were also alot of open fields that we took advantage of.

I have to say this maternity session was a major work out for me. Climbing up sand hills and over overgrown brush was so much work. I was so sore and worn out, but it was totally worth it!! Here are some pictures from my photographers blog. The rest of the session you can see here!!
I had to get at least one picture with our furbabies.
This love seat is an antique. It was my great great grandfather's. I believe this was made in the mid 1800's



I have been reading this blog and your pregnancy blog for a while now, since you first started your pregnancy blog actually!

I was just wondering how everything with the baby is. I'm guessing that you gave birth by now, because it's been almost a month since your due date!


Thank you for following my blog!! Feels great that someone reads it! :-)

Yes, we had our son a little earlier than planned. We are doing great! Haven't blogged like I want to. Jett is keeping us busy. I am in the process of posting his birth story. Should have it up this weekend with pictures!! :-)

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