Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jett's 4th Super Hero Birthday Party!

This post is well overdue. I say that just about every post now.  Jett's Birthday party was in February!! Life has been really crazy and I haven't been able to blog like I have wanted too. I really want to make it a weekly thing, but being a mom of little boys, wife, having a full time job and commuting to work daily... I am WOOORN out by the time I get home. I just want to get in my PJs and call it a night.

Any who... For months Jett (since the day after this 3rd birthday) had been talking about wanting a SUPER HERO birthday party. Since Jett loved bounce houses so much. We I decided to have it a local indoor bounce venue, which had tons of bouncies for the kids to get on. Of course the planner in me wanted some details along with it.

I was really excited about the planning of Jett's 4th Birthday Party because #1 we didn't have the party at our house and #2 there is so much you can do with a  Super Hero party. I really thought not having the party at our house would cause less stress with the clean up before and after and worrying about to have great entertainment for the kids. I was wrong... well this would probably only apply to me. Only because I am a control freak when it comes the party planning and I want to know everything that is going on at all times and have control of the situation. In the grand scheme of things this was good. I had to tone down my ideas some cause I could only do so much in the time frame the venue (2 hours), which means less money!

I really enjoyed making Jett's birthday invitations. From all the invitations I have made this is by far my favorite. 

I found this amazing seller on Etsy. Who created this piece of artwork. I created it into a vinyl banner to have as the main decor.

Here are the photos from the party. The vendors I used are at the bottom of the page.

 My AMAZING mother in law made the capes and masks for us. We gave them out as favors to all the kids. Even the babies sidekicks!

Of course I had the amazing Sweet D. Lights do all our baked goods (ex: cake, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops). She is so awesome! Already booked her for Stone's birthday!

Cupcake toppers created by yours truly. 

The Super Hero was a cookie itself! Jett really enjoyed it.

I used raspberries and strawberries for the red fruit, blueberries for the blue and the star in the center was a cookie cutter filled with mini marshmallows.  

As another party favor "spider spray" aka silly string. I created the wrapping around it. They were a BIG HIT! And I got them at the dollar store! 

The superheros!!

He was so excited that everyone was singing to him. He didn't know what to do with himself, but SMILE well more like GRIN!

On Jett's actual 4th birthday! Excuse my cheese face. I was trying to get everyone to say cheese!
 With our sweet 4 year old, Superman Jett (poor Stone feeling left out.)!

  • Invitations, Cupcake Toppers, Name Tags, Wraps: Me
  • Vinyl Banner: Etsy Seller
  • Baked Goods: Sweet D. Lights
  • Table Runner at Sweets Table: Wrapping paper Dollar bin at Target
  • Capes and Masks: My mother-in-law


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