Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY: Deco Mesh Halloween Wreath

I was very anxious to make my first wreath for our new house. I wanted it to be great.  I have made a couple deco mesh wreaths in the past, but nothing that I was super excited about. I am always nervous about putting something like this together because I feel like the things I pick out for the wreath just don't match. When I went to the store I was very overwhelmed because there is SO much stuff. You can easily spend alot of $$ make a wreath. You've got to be careful of that.

I got most of my supplies from Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately they were not having a sale on any of the Halloween items. I just got a couple of things that were Halloween related. I was pretty bummed that none of the Halloween stuff was not on sale. I did get the ribbons  (50% off) & work wreath (got it on the Christmas aisle 40% off) on sale.

I happened to be in Walmart getting some things for my mom. I just browsed in the Halloween section and found the "Boo" piece for $1.97. Thought it would work perfectly for me.

There is a store in Houston off the Beltway called Arcadia. This place is UNBELIEVABLE. It's like Christmas has thrown up in there. They have all sorts floral decor, Christmas decor, ribbons, picks, etc. It is awesome. There I found THE perfect pieces to spice up my wreath. The spider web and the spider pick. They were reasonable priced too. I will go back there for my Christmas stuff.

Arcadia. My Christmas Heaven.

Hobby Lobby:

  • Orange Metallic Deco Mesh big roll-$9.99 (not on sale, blah!)
  • Black & Silver Metallic Deco Mesh-on sale for $3.49 (3 inch roll I think...ribbon aisle)
  • Burlap Chevron ribbon-on sale $2.99
  • Gold Work Wreath- on sale $4.19
  • Eek Bottle caps- $3.99
  • Witch Hat- $2.99
  • BOO letters- $1.97 (this had a glitter pumpkin attached to it, but I removed it)
  • Spider web- $5.99
  • Spider pick-$5.99

What I had at home

  • Glue gun
About $40 to make this wreath. I still have the deco mesh and ribbon left so I can use for future projects (what a way to tell myself I saved $$ make this myself rather than buying it..."Oh, but I still have ribbon left." ha!)


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