Friday, April 15, 2011

So many projects to tackle!!

So after creating Jett's nursery I noticed Mike and I really enjoy DIY. We get so much satisfaction in creating something ourselves and letting creative juices flowing. ;-) So I decided I am going to DIY more for several reasons....
(1) Saves $$$ to DIY then buying things retail
(2) I love to customize just for us
(3) I just want to do it!

Some of the projects (mostly baby related) I plan to tackle before I go back to work are.... (this list seems long!)

  • Creating some of these baby legs/leg warmers for Jett.

I don'know how to sew or have a sewing machine, but I think I will take some classes from my mother in law on how to sew (she is super talented she created Jett's crib bedding). I think this will be the perfect project to start learning. Plus I think of how much I can DIY when I know how to sew!

  • Making myself a nursing cover 
These nursing covers that are sold in the stores are ridiculously expensive. I figure I can make one at more than 1/2 their cost or less! Plus mine is going to look purrrty! :-)

  • Travel Diaper/Wipe Case
Not this exact design, but I want to cover my travel wipe case with something a little bit cuter than the lovely white plastic Huggies design it currently has.

  • Clothes Dividers
This is a project that I wanted to tackle before the baby got here um....that just didn't happen. I was too picky looking for the right style paper, but now I just need to do it. I really need a easier way to divide these clothes up in his closet. It's annoying to keep looking at the tags.


I will start tackling these projects soon and posting about them since my leave is going to be up soon or I will just do them in the middle of the night like I am blogging right now at 2:55 am. Ha! Gotta love those middle of the night feedings with the baby and unable to go back to sleep.